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  1. I read a suggestion that crops will be grown inside these monstrosities as it is more efficient than fields! The world is going mad
  2. It is interesting that SHC have chosen some lovely places to release from Green Belt - they don't have a Brown Field Register so have no idea how many houses they could build on brown field sites. The Green Belt sites aren't even close to employment areas so loads more traffic as we all queue up to leave St Helens
  3. There are lots of photos and memories on the Old Cowleians Facebook page - from both the Girls' school and the Boys' school - there are nearly 1000 ex pupils so you are bound to find someone you know!
  4. I think it was Robert, he was my grandads - also called Robert Blaylock - cousin
  5. The "History of Cowley Schools" by Ken Taylor has been republlshed. It is on sale in Wardleworths for £8. There are quite a few photos from more recent years included.
  6. Knowsley Road - Year 5, Mr Lynch asked me to tell the class "all I knew about sex". After a fair bit of hesitation I began with "Well you have a boy and a girl and .." "No, No, No" he shouted writing on the board "SETS" He then very proficiently taught us how to do Venn diagrams which I have never forgotten Needless to say, Mr Lynch had a lisp!
  7. Anyone looking for a good school should look at these results for 2012 http://www.education.gov.uk/cgi-bin/schools/performance/search.pl?postcode=wa10+6du&distance=5&phase=all&searchType=postcode then you will get the correct picture, not the one Ofsted likes to paint
  8. I am guessing that you will be looking for decent schools for your children? If they are secondary age - the best performing schools in St Helens are Rainford, De La Salle and Rainhill, closely followed by Haydock which is a smaller school but very friendly. Ignore any Ofsted reports - they can't be trusted but look at what curriculums are offered and GCSE results for a truer picture
  9. The shop on Lingholme Road was still selling pies when my Granma moved in there in 1970. I used to go down and get 'em for Saturday lunch
  10. Take a look at the witnesses - they may have been a brother or sister so will give you another clue to work on
  11. I used to live near Mike Holland - I believe he died quite young - another teacher at Cowley told me that this is the Cowley curse as lots of ex Cowley teachers died as soon as they retired!
  12. Bartie


    Lots of genes are being identified that account for things like alcoholism and, yes, there is one that tends to indicate homosexuality. I know three men who are homosexuals and fathers so that arguement doesn't stand up.
  13. When I drive through Clock Face I often wonder where the Crisp factory was. Can anyone enlighten me?
  14. St Helens Local History library have some lists of local gentry who declared as Catholics - I read that the Eccleston family were once recusants
  15. Yes, I think it was published privately about 20 years ago and was written by Ken Taylor. It has a subheading about interference, influence and something - I can't remember but it does exist!
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