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  1. The cattle that were driven down North Road came from Fosters’ farm at the top of Moss Bank - quite a frightening spectacle for a small lad at a bus stop! I wonder how they got across the East Lancs Rd.
  2. As a youngster I had a great time at Carr Mill and can give some background info for anyone who is interested. It was around 1947 and the concrete landing stage area was still being built. The dam at the time was joint owned by William Bell and Charles Smith who was a young ex-naval officer from Liverpool. William Bell was retired and lived at the fishing cottage with Bill Mills, the general manager and his family. Joe Seddon was foreman over the boats. A brick boathouse was later built on the site now occupied by the Waterside restaurant. The enterprise seems to have been sold to Martlands in the early 1950s who developed it further. I wonder if anyone else remembers that era and Mrs Voice’s pop stall and café.
  3. Great film- certainly brings back memories for me; I was there! For anyone who is interested, the race was staged for the camera. Gwen Mills was racing against Charles Smith, the then part owner of Carr Mill Dam. Gwen's father, Bill Mills was the person helping with the boat on the landing stage outside the fishing cottage where they lived. He was the manager of Carr Mill Dam. Vital information; the dog was called Sally! I remember seeing the clip a short time later, when it was shown at the Tatler News Theatre in Liverpool. Incidentally, does anybody remember when they demolished the old boat house shown at the end?
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