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  1. Mr. Campsey. You were my favourite teacher at Eddy Camp. I used to love the gym lessons and pirate tick was my favourite. I remember the day you left and how upset we were. I also remember your brother teaching there. It was a long time ago but one of my friends at primary school was Brenden Glynn who had an elder brother Dennis who was a policeman and played rugby at West Park. And of course a sister who if my memory is correct is Georgie who is your wife. It was along time ago so I might be wrong. It seems strange that nearly 50 years later I can say 'Thank You' to you again for all the brilliant times we all had in Eddy Camp gym lessons.
  2. Vincent's ice cream is in Crowther Street.
  3. Maurice. I do not know who the people in the photographs are. I only know that they were posted by Julie Kenny (nee Simms) after she did some extensive research on her family from the Silkstone Street area of St. Helens. If you could somehow contact her I think she would be very interested. I do not know her or her address. There is an e-mail address on the home page of the newtown st.helens website I attached earlier. Perhaps that might be a start to find out more information. Good luck with any future research that you do.
  4. The site attached has some photographs of the Simms from the Silkstone Street area. http://home.freeuk.com/newtownst/pagejuliekenny.htm
  5. I remember her well from my days at St.Helens Tech from 1972 to 1974. She taught us Maths and was quite a fiery character. I have never heard anything about her since and did not know about her possible death. It would be interesting to find out what the circumstances of her death were.
  6. Some the teachers at Eddie Camp between 1964 - 1968 were Mr. Frodsham as headmaster who died (heart attack I think) and was replaced by the then deputy head Mr. Booth. Mr.Russell (Stan) who taught English then became deputy head. Mr. Norris and Mr. Turner taught History, Mr. Kelly Maths, Mr. Wallace Geography, Mr. Fildes Art, Mr. Green and Mr. Foster Science, Mr. Ashcroft Technical Drawing, Mr Westhead Metalwork, Mr. Mercer Woodwork, Mr Campsey later replaced by Mr. Middlehurst taught PE. The games and PE lessons were brilliant and Woodwork and Metalwork could be a laugh in those days before the obsession with health and safety regulations. The school dinners there at this time were excellent. The cane was used quite often but nobody seemed to complain much unless it was a case of mistaken identity. Everbody seemed to walk or cycle to the school and with the cross country runs and playing of football and tick rugby in the playground I don't remember obesity being a problem at school.
  7. Does anyone remember or have any information/photographs of the Victorian warehouse buildings that were at what was then Pilkington's Sheet Works. There is one possibly from the same era still there at the corner of Canal Street and Burtonhead Road. I think the others were demolished in the late seventies/early eighties. They were about six floors high and thousands of people must have once worked in them. They were perhaps the St.Helens version of 'dark satanic mills.' Some of them were in Watson Street on the site of the duel carrage way that runs past Tesco and others were situated inside the works its self now known as Watson Street Works.
  8. Why did they have that siren? When we were kids we we used to think it was because someone had escaped or gone missing. It could not have been used just to signal the start or end of the working day because sometimes it could be heard late at night.
  9. The link below might be of interest. http://home.freeuk.net/newtownst/page7.html
  10. No, I don't remember Alf's sister. I do remember they had a son. The only street I know which is still cobbles is the end of Hammil Street between Dentons Green Lane and Greenfield Road. I always admire their beauty as I go along there and it brings back childhood memories when I am on my bike and I ride over them. That bit of street has never suffered from potholes or has needed to be re-surfaced during the last 100 years or so. Exactly, if those stone houses that were in Wilson Street were in the lake district or somewhere like that they would be now worth a fortune.
  11. I don't think it is the Lowe Street end I don't know which Street that is running across Wilson Street but I think it is one between Peter Street and Eccleston Street.
  12. Two more from the same era. One of Wilson Street and one of the beginning of the end for Raglan Street.
  13. I can remember sitting in Alf's on the wooden bench that was in the shop at evening opening time waiting for the coal fired boiler to warm up and the first boiler of chips to be ready. Alf would be chatting to us about football or Saints while his missus would be in and out of the back room getting things ready. When Alf and his missus gave up the chippy they went living in the house next to St.Marks church at the top of North Road helping with the running and upkeep of the church. I think it was about 1978 when they left the chippy. I remember seeing them both many years later outside St.Marks and although looking much older both looked well.
  14. It is Bruce Street running into Cambell Street at the bottom. The Street off to the right is Lewis Street. The back of Peter Street community centre can be seen beyond Cambell Street. Attached is another picture taken from roughly the same place but in the opposite direction looking up Bruce Street as it crosses Pigot Street and runs into Cresswell Street at the top. The large building beyond Cresswell Street is the carpet factory in Eccleston Street. click picture to expand
  15. Does anyone remember this street? click picture to expand
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