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  1. Hal Westhead

    Cowley horror stories

    Agree that Mr Rosser was a very decent bloke - taught me a lot about Chemistry and having an enquiring mind. Flash Clifton was largely occupied away from teaching latin while I was there because of the Mr Wright long periods of ill-health (also heart problems). I believe Flash also had the chemist's shop near Parish Church (run by his wife maybe) - but for some reason you were not supposed to mention this. He did once soften up in a lesson and wax lyrical about sleeping under the stars in Italy in the war.
  2. Hal Westhead

    Parish Church Junior School

    I was in the class with Susan's brother, David. They lived on Hardshaw street, not far from the school.
  3. Hal Westhead

    Corporation Street

    Interesting. I didn't know that Shaw Street Station had been renamed. I suspect I'll always think of it as Shaw Street. It don't know if this was just rumour-mongering or real, but I'd heard that Shaw Street was under threat in the Beeching cuts. Probably just someone's sense of irony, since the station had only recently been improved at the time of the cuts. I can't believe it was really under threat. It would have been insanity to just have St. Helens Junction as the only station serving the town.
  4. Hal Westhead

    Lennons Supermarket

    I'm fairly sure that the shop in Barrow Street was Nevins. (By the standards of the time a supermarket, but probably just about qualify as a large corner shop these days). You might be thinking of the 'Pets Emporium' which was next to Lennons (or Charcoal Grill as the building became). I lived at the back of there at the time when when the building was Lennons.
  5. This sounds like it is from someone I have been in contact with by email and through Myheritage.com. For a while we both thought there might be a connection because of a Thomas Dorning. My GGGrandfather James Dorning had a brother Thomas, and the people in Argentina have an ancestor called Thomas Dorning born in the same year. However I'm fairly convinced now (after MUCH confusion) that they are two separate people. It is not helped by the early census ennumerators spelling Dorning with a fair amount of creativity (Durning, Dourning and even Durnel). So it may be that we are distantly related, or you might have distant cousins in Argentina.
  6. Hal Westhead

    Corporation Street

    And for anyone with a railway interest here is a link giving a lot more detail about Central Station, and the railway line linking to it. http://www.subbrit.org.uk/sb-sites/station..ral/index.shtml (Not to be confused with the other defunct Central Station, St. Helens on the Isle of Wight).
  7. Hal Westhead

    Corporation Street

    Once upon a time the whole area between Birchley Street and Central Street was railway lines. There was even a railway terminus on Corporation Street. And then there was a small, rather pleasant 'park' (a few flower beds and somewhere to sit if I recall correctly). Just on the corner of Birchley Street and Corporation Street was the Mining School (a very small part of its end wall is visible on the extreme right of the picture). This fairly unattractive view is from the early 60s when the whole area was being redeveloped, leading to the car-park and Court building which occupy the site now.

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