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  1. janelith

    F G C Forsters Glass Company?

    My Dad, John Litherland used to work there. I might have to go walk over with the kids to have a look.
  2. janelith

    Witnesses at Weddings

    I knew this hobby would take time to find information.. Online release of 1911 census - updated 20 September 2006 The National Archives is committed to making census data available online. We know from our own experience the huge excitement generated by the release of any new census and recognise the great historical and research value of census information. So we are already making plans to make the 1911 census available online in just under six years´ time, on the first working day of 2012.
  3. janelith

    All my St Helens names

    I am a Litherland from my Dads side. I am just starting my family tree. My Great Grandmother Litherland married twice and was Allender first then Litherland.

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