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  1. Tony Hewitt used to produce the opera and Les Jordan was at the piano. If I remember rightly they had a small band as well.
  2. Is this the one 25 4 1894 William LEYLAND Esther UNSWORTH Parr St Peter's
  3. I've just tried this using the comma this morning and it still works
  4. Yes your right. They married 19th July 1841. Born 1818 in Sutton She is my wifes Great great grandmother. I have no innfo on her family.
  5. Durrrrrrrrrrrr. But why St Thomas's ?
  6. Henry Stanley is my wife's great great grandfather. I'd be happy to share any information with you.
  7. Hi... I'm also researching the Appleton family linked to the Highcocks. I have found this site quite useful Appletons although in your cases I cannot see any immediate connections.
  8. I don't have anything re Thomas a brother for William b1856. However William's father Thomas b1829 had a brother William b1838 who married a Mary b1838. However they lived Parr & Sutton.
  9. Is this the Thomas who married a Jane ? I have links to this family via his brother's (William) children Catherine who married a Peter Wilkinson I am trying to link William Tabern with a John Tabern born 1818 but without any success.
  10. I can't get this site to work either. In the past I have found that between the hours of 6pm to 8am the following morning I sometimes (and that's not very often) managed to get the some results. Its not been working at week-ends either. Do they turn the system off at 5pm on a Friday ?
  11. UNSWORTH : I have a Peter Stanley married to a Margaret Unsworth 3 Sept 1876 Also a James Unsworth m Ellen Hughes with children Valentine (`1880) John (1879) and Jane (1876)
  12. Yes. I have a photo of it already, thanks
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