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  1. I knew a couple of chaps who went to Cowley, and something has surfaced from the distant past. Was this Morley character also known as Kong?
  2. Griffin

    Sister Duffy

    Finding a nurse who can actually speak English is an achievement in some places. The old system with a fearsome Matron and everything in apple pie order was the reason hospitals worked so well then, and its absence the reason they're so disastrous now.
  3. When we shopped in Cardigan, there was an old shop in the main street which must once have sold bicycles, because it had a racing bike attached to the upper facade. Not like the butcher's one, flat against the wall, but at right angles to it so it could be seen from some distance away. A novel form of trade sign, like the three brass balls at Rothery's pawnbrokers in Westfield Street some years ago. Was this because many potential bike buyers in the area weren't literate? I assume that was the purpose of old trade signs in former centuries. Whatever the explanation, it used to grieve me as a cycling enthusiast to think of it rusting away up there when someone could have been riding it. It's disappeared now anyway.
  4. That view is a bit out of date. The butcher's shop now has a delivery boy's bicycle attached to the wall of the upstairs floor. Seems a waste of an interesting bike.
  5. There was indeed one in Baldwin Street, opposite the Co-op building. It was only small, but an excellent bookseller. It was the best source of school and academic text books in the town. I remember, when in primary school, being sent there to buy a copy of Ridout's English Today. Thinking back, it seems strange that we had to supply ourselves with a text book at our own expense in those days.
  6. I'm just intrigued by how many ways you can spell Cowleians apart from the correct one!
  7. The Royal Air Force Association publish a quarterly magazine called Air Mail, in hard copy and online. I imagine they have obituaries of pilots of his era, as long as somebody submits one.
  8. If present day bars can get away without providing glasses, why should they lay on music?
  9. I find it hard to believe that highlights of the 1966 Challenge Cup Final would have no sound.
  10. Clearly not familiar with the schoolboy's code of omerta. There was always a certain attitude on the part of some other schools to West Park boys. You took your life in your hands being seen in a green blazer, especially if Rivington Road lads were around. I was once cycling down Dilloway Street and was hit on the head by quite a large stone, thrown from a great distance.
  11. I never heard that about MM. He was always very amiable at school, and, as I said, a great joker. Maybe the Edmund Campion chap said something about his accent, which was very noticeably Haydock.
  12. I grew up with the idea that complete silence prevails in a public library. Now, they have play areas with children running around. I do like the idea of photographs and old cine footage being available, but I agree that headphones should be provided, in a room where other people are conducting research.
  13. I used to go in the Mayfair regularly, if it's the one that was at the top of Speakman Road. It's had a completely new front, and is now a house, like so many shops in that area.
  14. Yes, I recall hearing that the brother of one of my classmates had murdered someone, but I never heard the details. His brother in my class was great fun. He had a friend, also in the class, who came from Golborne, and they were like a double act.
  15. That's interesting. Maybe my grandmother's Scotch scollops weren't battered. They were before my time. I just heard the phrase. Maybe they tasted better than chips because of a greater proportion of outside to inside. I imagine most of the taste of a chip is on the outside, or it is if you fry them in something decent.
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