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  1. well you do get educated on here. think the gornalls sign on the rivi road shop is the one they have on hard lane now. nice seeing a pic of old george again. my dad used to rave about that e type.
  2. ah yes the curly stones. i remember them well. i can always remember my nan taking me in the school holidays, playing miniture golf and bowls then going to the cafe before lookinhg through that massive greenhouse. alas all gone now
  3. I've just moved back on the estate after many years. my nan and grandad lived 285 whd ( roughley) i'm sorry to report that the estate has gone downhill a little since my childhood. gornalls (george) still has the shop on hard lane and windlehurst school is nothibg but a ruin now. there's still nothing for the kids to do here, they just hang about the top shops or street corners. lets hope the buddy group thets been started can bring us back the way i remember it..
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