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  1. The clock was maintained by the college which was very expensive, £800 a visit from the expert who maintained it. The building has now been sold to a developer so it is no longer the responsibility of the college and the developer hasn't bothered.
  2. Great pics, nice catch.
  3. The food at the Sticky Wicket is usually quite good.
  4. Strong links between the Great Orme and St Helens with copper.
  5. Went up to the electricians in Boundary road but it was sht down. Don't know how long it's been closed I haven't been there for a couple of years. Shame because the lads in there were really helpful. They'd start off by saying - look you should get an electrician to do this but if you're determined to do it yourself then you need this,this and this and don't forget to do this.
  6. One of the valeters was pissing around in the Bentley after it had been cleaned and lost control. Ploughed into several cars and a man. Valeter run off before the police came. I was there too.
  7. and how many of his victims successfully committed suicide that we'll never know of?
  8. Nothing to see here, move along, one off rogue, not endemic at all, nothing intrinsic in priests abusing power. Can everyone please concentrate on evil Islam please. Move along now.
  9. I think I managed to avoid the camera again. I was a Santa's elf for the weekend and the following weekend too. Great to meet up with Rob.
  10. When the whole world changes there's always Burchall's staying solid
  11. The national library of Scotland has just scanned in and put online loads of old maps including ones of St Helens such as this one http://maps.nls.uk/view/126522425 http://maps.nls.uk/geo/find/#zoom=12&lat=53.4635&lon=-2.7421&layers=64&b=7&point=53.4573,-2.7320
  12. The law has been changed to accommodate that. The law doesn't now need to know who cast the final killing blow. If you are there and did nothing to stop it then you are implicated. It takes in gang type killings and harm.
  13. Did you not catch the new Ellison's Liverpool FC liveried coach Robbob?
  14. Where's that nutter on here who blames scousers for everything like this?
  15. It would have been finished ages ago but they can't find brickies to work there. They are desperate.
  16. A grove is a group of trees so you've got to imagine the trees were renowned to give some kind of nut type fruit such as Hazelnuts or edible chestnuts or some such. Then the grove would become nutgrove. Just a guess.
  17. Loads closing in the George street area. The double yellow lines have killed it. Needs to allow short stay (2hour) parking.
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