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  1. Hi Griffin, ah it's good to be back! I have no idea when photography came into use for criminal records either. I know that a certain number of 'mug shots' are available for download at the National Archives for the London area, when they were taken I'm uncertain, but believe they're Victorian. Mostly kids stealing hankies and so forth, petty offences with dreadful punishments! I'm less than optimistic that they exist so far back in these cases (1877 & 1897) for me to find. Where would someone committing an offence in St Helens be sent to serve a couple of months? Where would they be taken to stand trial even? I'm sure the courts must hold records, just wondered if anyone had ever researched that far? Has it been done? It's a bit of a minefield just knowing where to start, but I believe well worth the effort. My ancestor came over from the West Indies, and from the newspaper article sounds like he defended himself against some racist ill treatment. Finding this gem in the news could answer a mystery once and for all if I knew how to get hold of the right documents. Hmm? To add, your insolvent ancestor there, you'd think that they'd be something written down about the finances somewhere. How do they just seem to come up with the right pieces of paper on that damned programme that's on tonight? They're out there to be found when someone knows where to look.
  2. Finding stories like that makes me wonder if anyone has ever managed to actually get hold of a copy of an inquest. Most of us must have come across death certs that were referred to the Coroner because of suspicious circumstances, but has anyone ever found where these records are desposited? I came across two notable incidents (thanks to that link) reported in the paper. The first mentioned that my ancestor in 1877 was involved in a fight in St Helens, and was prosecuted, reported to be fined or imprisoned if he couldn't afford to pay up. I mean, if he was detained, this raises the possiblities of mug shots and all sorts of priceless info. Now I can find via the A2A catalogue that Lancs Record Office hold the 'bill of prosecution' regarding that case, but that's just the cost of the hearing isn't it? Has any brilliant history detective ever uncovered documents of court hearings, coroners reports, and prison records relating to the people of St Helens. If so, congrats, and can you point me in the right direction please?
  3. I put in 'St Helens Connect' for the Institution and 'St Helens' for the address and it worked fine. Thanks very much for the link! I've just unearthed a family scandal. Look for the Liverpool Mercury. It's got loads of St Helens News.
  4. Hi Milky, I think you may know my Dad? (I've been familiar with that nickname since I was a little girl!) My mum's side of the family has a lot of McCarthy relatives, though I haven't been able to find much about the children of great aunts and uncles and am not familiar with those recent relatives of yours. If you are who I think, pop round and I'll see if I can help you. Best wishes, Steph
  5. Sandra you are quite right, great tip that. The graves in the section between the church and the meeting hall do appear to be in date order. Alas, couldn't find the one I wanted for 1958, and I'm wondering if he was buried elsewhere in there perhaps in a family plot in the older sections. The office was closed when we arrived. Left it a bit late probably, and I told my mum we ought to have phoned first, but we were too chicken! By the time I'd been round it again (it was freezing and windy), and had found nothing, I was more than ready to go and stand my ground and demand some answers.
  6. Thanks Jill, it could be, it was ages ago that I came across it. I thought that there were some records on it at the time and that's what I was really looking for, but you could be right and that's it. However, it's an interesting site that, well worth a look at all those photos!
  7. Does anyone recall a web site about Billinge? I'm sure it was linked from here years ago probably. Think it was a personal name study but they had put some extracts from the parish registers on line. Is it still going? Anyone seen it lately or am I imagining things?
  8. It was a giant safety pin for me at my grandparents house. In case I poked my eye out with the end not picking out the seeds. There's no easy way to eat one. Takes forever with a pin and all messy if you rip them. Delicious though, but the pith is disgusting. Hasn't it got arsenic in it or was that my grandad pulling my leg again? Like swallowing a pip would make a tree grow out of your ears! I still think they're a treat and they always remind me of grandma's, and the worry over where that pin had come from. Suspect it was the button box with the fluff in it.
  9. This is a long shot, but the History Shop in Wigan keep records for churches that once came under Winwick Parish which may have covered the Haydock Churches. Somewhere on there it says that they will do a look up for you, and I have in the past had photocopies of baptism records posted to me for a nominal fee. It might be worth a try having a look through there at what they have got or giving them a call perhaps and asking. http://www.wlct.org/Culture/Heritage/fhistory.htm
  10. Thanks Griffin, you may have found the problem there. I had another crash and lost the lot, now I may not have an unzipping programme after that. Good thinking. The records on here are well worth storing so anybody wishing to download needs excel and winzip or similar. Okay. Will give certainly give that a try.
  11. Jill it's not a stupid question, as far as computer programmes go it's me that stupid applies to. I have microsoft office excel 2000. Am I, or is it, past it's sell by date? Is that no good for opening up the records on here? Lessons required! I just know that it crashes big time whenever I try.
  12. Ciders there's a John Naylor in Worralls St Helens 1876 beer retailer at Westfield Street, and in Slaters 1895 John Naylor Hotelier Saddle Hotel Westfield Street.
  13. I've had huge amounts of trouble trying to download/open the parish records onto my pc. Everything looks fine, following the instructions fine, then it seems to be doing something, looks like it's about to open, the curser changes to a timer, the excel screen is blank, and I wait expectantly, then it stays like that all night and day and the only way I can get my pc to work again is if I hammer at the off button long enough for it to take the hint and close down. Wasn't sure if it was me or the programme? Had no trouble with it in the past, but now..!!!!!! Nightmare! Daren't even make an attempt in case of a big crash problem again. What's happening?
  14. Thanks Halj, I went to the library and asked for the microfiche of St Nics, and realised that they didn't cover any more than was available to search on this site. I asked if that was all of them, that they weren't 'late enough', she said that's it, and wasn't offered an alternative to search through. So thank you very much for that. I will ring them next week and ask what they have got hiding away in there. I could have had the answer weeks ago if that is the case! Thanks again.
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