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  1. Thank you so much for these replies, really appreciated! added 0 minutes later It is, thanks. added 3 minutes later Thank you!
  2. I'm trying to find any details I can about my maternal Grandfather, wondering if anyone can help. I know he was born in 1876, and died in 1947; the deceased search at St Helens Cemetery seems to be permanently unavailable at the minute. He married my maternal grandmother, Naomi Cheetham on 17th Feb 1924, and was a hearse driver for Dixons. I'm registered with Ancestry, but absolutely nothing is coming up for him. Any ideas anyone please? Many thanks
  3. We lived in Guernsey for three years 1997-2000. A lot of the old Guernsey people spoke of the time they spent in the UK during the war and were always very complimentary about the welcome they received here.
  4. Size of that big bugger "The Leader" Grunwald would indicate that the fat smug barsteward doesn't do much walking..
  5. My sister lived at 140 Greenfield Rd from late 70's / early 80's until about 1987. The paper shop was directly opposite 140, across Greenfield Rd. There was a card shop a bit further down Greenfield Rd, on corner with Tennis St, used to be set back a bit and there was a bus stop there - anyone remember what the shop was called? Then there was good old Wilf Young's paper shop a bit along Tennis street..
  6. I remember it well - even bought a couple of cars from there.
  7. I remember Campbells on the corner of North Rd & Cooper St from when my nan lived in Chapel St. We lived in Atherton St and were spoiled for good chippies - there was one on Cooper St between Atherton St and Oxford St, another on Cooper St more-or-less opposite The Turks. I also remember one on Halefield St that was quite good but seem to remember it didn't last too long. When we moved to The Green, Lathoms (remember Angelo with his great Italian / English accent!) and Lees in Windleshaw Rd were also good.
  8. I well remember Dan, took me for English A Level (along with Ray French and Don Lang) - just for one of our set books, Gulliver's Travels. Think Dan had been on more than a few travels of his own which were much more interesting than Swift's version!
  9. Swimmer - was there a Miss Wilton at York St when you were there, think she took top class? I've been trying to rack by brains for her name, I'm sure it was Wilton.
  10. Thanks Phyll - I now know I wasn't just imagining it! Looks like the people on the Amazon forum have found it difficult to source anything too!
  11. Glad you enjoyed them. Nanny O - I am able to pick up vibes pretty quickly when I go into a new building I haven't been in before, like whether it's a "happy" place, or not so good. john b - thanks for the pointer to the ghost channel on You Tube too.
  12. Just re-reading this thread, brings back more memories! Does anyone remember a children's series - similar to Belle & Sebastian, Flashing Blade etc, as in "Made in France" - called Yao, African Prince? It was about a small black African lad taken as a slave by Arab slavers. I've searched on the internet for some reference to it, but can't find anything.
  13. Ok, here we go. Firstly, john b - when I say sceptical, I mean I need to be pursuaded before I accept things. I'm no longer sceptical about "ghosts" or whatever they may be having had the following experiences. First, the Guernsey ones. Between 1997 - 2000, we moved to Guernsey with my job. We lived in a large converted barn, which had been part of a farmhouse dating from, I think, the 1600s. Guernsey consists of 10 parishes and we lived in the parish of Torteval in the SW corner of the island - generally accepted, we came to find out, as the most haunted on the island. The first experience happened at about 1 o'clock one morning. The upstairs in the house was two bedrooms, connected by a long landing, off which was the bathroom. Our 2 daughters, then aged 2 and 9, were in the large bedroom, us in the slighly smaller one. In the early hours, both of us were in bed reading when we distinctly heard a child's footsteps come along the landing towards the bedroom; we both looked up expecting Abbie to appear in the doorway, as she was wont to do if she woke up during the night. After a few seconds, the footsteps having stopped and no Abbie having popped her head round the door, I went along to their bedroom to find them both fast asleep - no way had either of them been awake moments earlier. Had just one of us heard the footsteps, it could have been passed off as imagininging it, but we definitely both heard a childs steps on the landing. The second one, some time later came when I was confined to the downstairs bedroom as I had put my back out and couldn't get upstairs - I had spent a few days in hospital as a result. After my wife had gone to work, and the kids to school / childminder, the noises I heard from upstairs were unbelievable - people (i.e. more than one) walking around, doors opening and closing, footsteps on the stairs, landing, coming up and down stairs etc. To say I was petrified is an understatement, I spent all day wondering if "something" was going to come into the downstairs en suite where I was - fortunately nothing did. Strangely enough though - even though I was confined to the downstairs for a few more days, I didn't hear anything else. My wife had a number of experiences with noises etc, but nothing as "dramatic" as those I had that day. Just before we left the island at the end of my secondment, to come back to the mainland, we threw a party for all the friends we'd made, many of whom were Guernsey folk born and bred. It was only then that we found out that someone had hanged himself from the upper floor of the barn, over what was our kitchen, many years earlier, prior to the barn being converted. Doesn't explain the child's footsteps we heard, but maybe the other noises. There was also a really cold spot near the fireplace, whatever the temperature elsewhere in the house. I have to say though we never felt threatened in any way in the house. Next one - Altrincham. At the time, I was the Asst Manager at Lloyds Bank in Old Market Square, a building dating back to the 17th century. There were loads of stories that the place was haunted. This particular day I was working on some confidential staff reports in the manager's room. I was called to see someone out in the main office, so left the room, locking the door behind me. There was an old stone floored wine cellar under the building, running the full length of the building and connected to the upper floor by 2 staircases, one of which came out in a small room off the managers office. On going back into the office after seeing the person I had been called to speak to, I heard a woman's shoes scurry across the stone floor of the smaller room and go down into the cellar. I thought someone had taken the opportunity to have a look at the reports I was doing whilst i was out. "Ha!" I thought, "I'll have you", so left the room, locked it and went down into the cellar by the other set of stairs, knowing I'd meet the person coming back the other way. I went the full length of the cellar, looking everywhere, but found no-one. There's no way they would have had time to get through the cellar before I went in, or avoid meeting me coming the other way. I went all the way along through the cellar back to the managers room, which was still locked.. Just as an aside to that, a couple more quick stories attached to the building whilst I worked there. There was an annexe to the building, owned by the Bank, called Old Bank House - it had formerly been the residence of the Bank Managers when the rules stipulated that they lived on the premises, way back. We had a few unused offices there, and a staff rest room - it was on about 4 floors. Once, the guy who came to check the fire extinguishers came flying back into the main office from Bank House, scared witless - he said he kept getting a feeling that someone was stood behind him, watching him and that he'd gone freezing cold. He wouldn't go back in there for love nor money. We also kept getting asked by some of the businesses in Old Market Place - who we were on really good terms with - if we would allow them to rent some of the office space in Bank House, which we always declined as there were plans to sell the building, which at the time we couldn't make public knowledge. One day, one of the businessmen concerned had a pop at me for letting out one of the offices without having given him the opportunity; he said he knew we had, as early that morning - before anyone would have been in the building, including our cleaner - he had seen a man looking out of one of the upper windows. I had to take him through Bank House to prove to him that we hadn't let out any space to anyone!! Finally, a few years ago, we went to spend a long weekend with some friends in a rambling old cottage in North Wales. There were 7 of us - me, my wife and our youngest daughter (then aged 13) - our 2 friends and their 2 daughters, aged about 11 and 8. In the early part of the evening - well before the red wine had started to have any effect! - I was sat in an armchair, which was side on to the door to a corridor. I looked up from watching TV towards the door, and again distinctly saw, not imagined, a young girl who I would guess to be about 10, dressed in what looked like Victorian era clothes looking straight at me. She then turned and moved off out of sight down the corridor. I got up immediately to have a look, but no-one anywhere around - all the others, including the kids, were in the kitchen drinking and preparing tea. Well, that's it, my stories - sorry if they went on a bit. As I say, whilst I don't believe anything until it's proven to me, I'm a firm believer that there is something else. I don't know if any of you recall a TV programme that was on a good many years ago called "The Stone Tapes" which was based on happenings in buildings somehow being recorded on the fabric of the building, to be replayed at later dates under certain circumstances? That may be an explanation, I really don't know - what I do know though is that the experiences I describe above did happen to me.
  14. I am as sceptical as most, but have had a number of experiences with ghosts - however as none have a St Helens connection, I'm reticent to post them here as this after all a St Helens forum. Had a couple of very real - certainly not imaginary!! - experiences when we lived in Guernsey, another in Wales and also when I worked in Altrincham. More than happy to put them on here though if anyone would like me to.
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