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  1. warringtonsaint

    Refugees from Guernsey

    We lived in Guernsey for three years 1997-2000. A lot of the old Guernsey people spoke of the time they spent in the UK during the war and were always very complimentary about the welcome they received here.
  2. warringtonsaint

    Pub on Bridge street re-opens

    And they sell beer too!!!?
  3. warringtonsaint

    Major market makeover

    Size of that big bugger "The Leader" Grunwald would indicate that the fat smug barsteward doesn't do much walking..
  4. warringtonsaint


    The model shop people are referring to was more or less directly opposite Atherton St. I lived in Atherton St as a kid and bought loads of Airfix kits from there. They used to have some models made up on display in the window, and remember being really disappointed as mine were never anywhere near as good as them!
  5. warringtonsaint


    Ben Brookes was one of my favourite shops as a kid - could spend ages looking at toys in there, remember the display windows that formed a little corridor to the front door. Wasn't there a fishmongers next door? Always remember the smell!
  6. warringtonsaint

    Dentons Green

    My sister lived at 140 Greenfield Rd from late 70's / early 80's until about 1987. The paper shop was directly opposite 140, across Greenfield Rd. There was a card shop a bit further down Greenfield Rd, on corner with Tennis St, used to be set back a bit and there was a bus stop there - anyone remember what the shop was called? Then there was good old Wilf Young's paper shop a bit along Tennis street..
  7. warringtonsaint

    How did you earn extra cash when in your teens?

    First job as a kid was on the back of the "Pop Lorry" delivering pop - remember when they used to do that?! Then usual farm picking jobs - potatoes, peas, sprouts etc. Finally shelf stacking at KwikSave when I was in the 6th form at Cowley.
  8. warringtonsaint

    Thin sliced bread

    have you ever tried a sausage naan with brown sauce? ;-)
  9. warringtonsaint

    Thin sliced bread

    I think "old" medium is "new" thick and "new" medium" is "old" thin if that makes sense! As for "new" thin it's nearly transparent..
  10. warringtonsaint

    Thin sliced bread

    Not to put too fine a point on it, I always thought it meant that once a woman was no longer a virgin, was there any point in worrying about it if you were a subsequent lover?
  11. warringtonsaint

    Thin sliced bread

    The loaves themselves are so much smaller per slice too these days!
  12. warringtonsaint

    picture cards in chewing gum packets

    Used to be loads of them - US Civil War ( with Confederate $ bills in as well as cards), numerous world war 2 series, Outer Limits, Man from Uncle etc etc Used to be a roaring trade in "swapsies" in the playground! Had a look at the prices they fetch now on eBay...wish I'd have kept mine!!
  13. warringtonsaint

    Collecting cigarette packets

    That's cheating mally! Nothing better than rummaging through the bins at places like NALGO as a kid looking for one of the elusive packets you hadn't got LOL
  14. warringtonsaint

    Ashall's garage, Ford dealer.

    I remember it well - even bought a couple of cars from there.
  15. warringtonsaint

    parking fines

    Joe90 - ignore all the ludicrous and moralistic holier than thou comments about parking; I've had two of these tickets over the past 4 years - once parking at B&Q Winwick and another on Riverside Retail Park in Warrington. Neither car park was full, far from it, so it wasn't as if I was reducing the shops opportunities for profit, added to which also bought things on both occasions, just overstayed what they impose as an "appropriate" length of stay. Loads of good info on Money Saving Expert: www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/private-parking-tickets so have a look there.

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