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  1. It has to be a main road because of the street lights, were, I do not know?
  2. I was best man at my brothers wedding and the reception was held in the ballroom, which I remember was pretty big. I had just taken delivery of a brand new Ford Capri and we gave one of the guests a lift to the evening do, but unfortunately they had stepped in dog s..t whichwas deposited in the rear footwell, and boy, did it stink, funny the things which you remember.
  3. An old post but, is there anybody walking today?
  4. I can remember (as a titch) queuing with my mum (and lots of other people) up the main central stairs to cash in her DIVI.
  5. Anybody out there remember watching a weekly serial about a race of beings from outer space who landed on the earth and started to take over control of all human beings by throwing small round balls (about the size of a glass blobber (stony) which bust when they came into contact with the victim, the victim was then taken over by the being that threw the ball by walking into the smoke?
  6. Vanwall


    Ollie, Thanks for that
  7. Hughie, Is Moira still around?
  8. Who remembers making their own (elastic band powered) gat gun, with Hawthorn berries for ammo, boy did they sting if they hit your bare skin.
  9. Who remembers going to the kids Sat morning matinee at the Cap and the cinema manager (always in black tie) would come onto the stage and we would all sing our little hearts out: We are the minors of the ABC..
  10. Vanwall


    Phyll, they certainly look very similar to the original Nibbits, they were delicious. Phyll, they certainly look very similar to the original Nibbits, they were delicious. Ollie, would that be in the buildings were you got your bowls from?
  11. OK eveybody, I forgot to put "ON THE CORNER", if Dave would like to change it, many thanks?
  12. Who remembers going there to have "Nitty Nora" (the nurse), examine your head for nits? I can also remember going there for my 6 pronged needle injection for TB, then having to return for the painfull arm injection, I still have the scar.
  13. Vanwall


    They were about 2" long, wiggly and if my memory serves me right, slightly salty.
  14. Vanwall


    One for the more older members, who remembers Nibbits (spelling may not be correct)?
  15. In the very late fifties and early sixties our little gang used to walk all the way from Ravenhead to Pocket Nook every night and meet up with Moira Bracken and her mates, we had some good adventures together.
  16. I too was born in Cowley Hill Hosp (1945), but fortunately my mam and dad didn't have far to walk as we lived at the bottom of Cowly Hill Lane.
  17. This is a long shot and also a bit late but, perhaps she worked in Pilks retail shop that used to be in Canal St opposite Pilks fire station?
  18. Extremely sorry to hear of the death of Geoff Duke. In one of my earlier posts I reminisced that, as a young lad in the fifties we used to walk to his bike shop and sit outside (along with a load of other kids) watching him working on his racing bikes, the smells and the sounds will last forever.
  19. Not another quest for memories about F & C shops, don't you guy's ever check the site history?
  20. Me dad and I worked at Taberns in the early sixties
  21. James, The phos are fantastic, they take me right back to my old hunting grounds in the fifties. Of particular interest is the shot of the corner of Napior/Lewis (girl with the grass skirt) St in the background you can see Ted Kinders Chppy!
  22. Here are few more: Trolly buses Bus Comductors Dave shouting the odds in the open market Sammy Hinley's scrapyard Kids collecting horse muck and selling it at a penny a bucket Stoneys Woolies The smell of Greenall's brewery Kids going to Rainford for pea picking Kids walking to Burtonwood to watch the aircraft Co-oP milk cheques Teddy boys Drainpipe trousers Winkle pickers Burton's suits Little paddling pool in Taylor Park The Queen Mary (though I may get shot down on this comment) Kids looking for golf balls on the Red Rocks The covered Market Dam Row UGB Ravenhead works UGB Sherdly Atlas Glass works Foster Glass Crosby's Spring Interiors Pilks Top works Fiberglass
  23. A steer was a 6 x wheeled lorry (3 x axels) consisting of 4 x wheels at the front (2 x either side) for steering and a single axel at the rear, in other words a 6 x wheeler. the steering lock was poor therefore you had to swing out wide (when puling a trailer) to take a sharp left or right hand turn, hence the nickname steer! Here are a few of the things you no longer see in St Helens: Kids playing out Tut Tuts Stray dogs Kids swimming in the Hotties Kids watching the cows being slaughtered at the Abattoir Pimblets cakes and pies Cat guns Rag o’ Bone men Breast fed babies Women wearing curlers and head scarves Silcocks fun fair Oxley’s Christmas window Night watchmen Donkey stone Sally white Dolly blue Penny buns Minors of the ABC Picture queues Chinese laundry Clogs Gas lamps and the men that lit them Frederick’s tu’ penny cornet Tu’penny bag of chips Kids running up and down the street after school looking for a separate shilling for the gas or lecky
  24. Only problem were his peas, they were like bullets! Phyll, Many thanks for that, you must have lived near there, yes? Phyll, Many thanks for that, you must have lived near there, yes? Olliebeak, In my youth, you could buy specials at nearly all the chippies we used to frequent. A Special is a baking potato, THICKLY cut into large slices, covered in flour while stil wet, then dipped into the fish batter and fried until golden brown, the art was frying the special so that the inside remained crispy.
  25. Treaclewoo I dont suppose your mother used to live in Crossley Rd, Ravenhead?
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