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  1. Thank you very much to all who replied. LankyLad's reply is exactly what I was looking for and TonyJ's in very interesting too. Armed with this information I should now be able to link the daughter of John Ernest Hulme and Jane Renshaw (Dorothy b 1906) to the Renshaws in my family tree. It seems that it is the Jane Renshaw born out of wedlock 21 Nov 1884. Her mother, Martha, married Maurice Jones in 1887 and she appears with them as Martha Jones on the 1891 census in Parr. Martha died in 1895 at the age of 30. This Martha is my ggg aunt, so the link is now established - thanks! I am unable to find Jane on the 1901 census under the name Renshaw or Jones though. Maurice went on to remarry shortly after Martha died in 1895 and I've found him on the 1901 census. I think Jane Renshaw putting her father as John Renshaw, mason, is fictitious. Anyway, thanks again to you all.
  2. Hi, Could someone help please? I have found the marriage of John Ernest Hulme to Jane Renshaw, Q2 1905, Prescot. I am trying to establish who Jane's father was and what he did for a living. Her address at the time of the marriage would be a bonus. I really would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. I just read this post. My g g grandparents (Thomas and Martha Renshaw) lived at Double Lock Cottages, Haydock, according to the 1861 census so I was interested in the attached maps and posts - thanks!
  4. Thanks a lot for the info. I guess she won't have been baptised so there's no way of knowing who her parents were. Just realised the father's name should be on the burial record. I'll look into that - thanks again.
  5. Thanks a lot for that info. Obviously it shows Thurstan is not the child I was looking for, although I think John Fairhurst is probably Charles' brother. If anyone could check the birth or death of Blanch Fairhurst in Q3 1894, I would be very grateful. Thanks.
  6. I've just realised, from looking at the 1911 census, that my grandfather had another sibling who died and didn't appear on any censuses. I've narrowed it down to two probable names (could of course both be wrong!) and would appreciate if someone could look at the baptisimal entries to check the father's name. Blanch Fairhurst's birth was registered in the Prescot district in Q3 1894 and her death was registered in the same quarter. I suppose that could mean she died at birth and was never christened. In 1891 the family I'm looking at were living at 10, Ward St, Windle, St Helens and in 1901 they were living at 94, North Rd, St. Helens. Thurstan Fairhurst's birth was registered in the Prescot district in Q2 1901 and his death was registered in Q3 1904. In 1901 they were living at 94, North Rd, St. Helens. I am looking for the parents to be Charles and Sarah Fairhurst. I appreciate help on this. Thanks.
  7. Hi, I'm amazed to find this message because Charles Fairhurst and Sarah Renshaw are my great grandparents and I have quite a few photos of them. How are you related? I thought I knew about all of their descendents. Looking forward to hearing from you. Tricia
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