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  1. He did Hort and I'm sure he worked out of a shed somewhere near the tennis club near the cricket ground at the bottom of Windleshaw Rd.
  2. I remember him as I lived just a few doors away. His name was Tommy Knowles and as kids we called his wife Sweaty Knowles. The shop was on the corner of Windleshaw Rd and Hammill St opposite Livesleys bread and confectionary shop.
  3. ,,,,,Skippy says it was Peter Noonan from Herman's Hermits who played Ena Sharples grandson.. Ollie said.. I think Peter Noone played Len Fairclough's young son in the early/mid 60's. I apologise, that is correct, it just shows how ones memory fades with age dunit?
  4. Sorry woodsman, that name does not ring any bells.
  5. This was the era that I was at Rivvy rd boys school on the ground floor. I recognise quite a few of those girls names,two in particular, one is Hazel Bennison,would you believe that I live just 15 minutes away from her here in Perth Western Australia? the other one's name I won't mention, just to save her and me any embarrassment .
  6. Alan, fyi, the difference between raw linseed oil and boiled linseed oil is that applying blo to your cricket bat would form a skin on the surface and no doubt would eventually crack, whereas rli would leave a slight slippery feel. In other words, blo dries, rlo does not. I hope that explains it.
  7. I can remember the call of the 'rag and bone man' that came round Dentons Green, he would call..'Donkey Stone, Ashley Stone, nice dry fire wood' with his voice rising on the 'wood'.
  8. Kinell!!!! Small world innitt? I worked wi' Les at Sheet Works and we were good mates before I came to Oz in 1971. I caught up with Les when I went back to Sintellins in 2002 we had a few drinks in Jokers with the then owner Eric Rigby who was at Pilks at the same time as us.
  9. [quote name='Phyll' t Alan, I think we talked about this before, but do you mean those tubes, forget what they are called. I remember they had them in Oxleys and Tyrers. Lamson Tubes..operated by pneumatics or partial vacuum.
  10. That particular Lennon's store was a liquor outlet, not groceries, not sure what year it was though.
  11. 'The Swinging Tit' or to give it it's real name, 'The Running Horses' which was on Liverpool Road next to Tyrers old shop. I was 17.
  12. Skippy

    How many

    Ollie, I did look at the site some time ago, very interesting, I will look again later to see whats going on.
  13. Skippy

    How many

    I was born in my paternal grandparents house, 56 Bronte St Newtown. My brother and I would visit every Sunday afternoon after Sunday school at St Andrews Church. I remember that they had gas mantles for lighting and without fail we would be asked to run an errand to buy new mantles from a shop in Grafton St. Both Grandparents died in 1958 and they still had the gas mantles, Grandad said he would never have this new fangled electricity in the house as it was too dangerous and he stuck to his word 'til the day he died. My cousin and her husband bought the house soon after and the first thing they did was to install electrical wiring.
  14. Skippy

    Ice Slides

    You had good reason Ollie.
  15. Skippy

    Ice Slides

    We used to make 'em on the pavement until some old fogey spoilsport chucked salt on 'em, then we made 'em on the road if possible if the salt truck hadn't been yet
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