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  1. I undertook a DNA test through Ancestry and discovered I am more 'Celtic' than Anglo SAxon. 20% Scots, 20% Welsh, 10% IRISH , 5% Scandinavian. A good job my team up here is Glasgow Celtic.
  2. You wonder why people take up membership of Ancestry and not prepared to be involved.
  3. Dave She will need a minute to decide whether to come.
  4. I guess I must be a bit naive as I have no objection to anyone looking at my tree on Ancestry.
  5. I understand that some Ancestry members wish to remain anonymous, but isn't this defeating the object of being in Ancestry?
  6. Agreed, I have sent many messages to people with whom Ancestry inform me I have a direct connection. I rarely receive a reply and wonder why people bother in joining Ancestry unless they are prepared to participate. Tony Beaman
  7. Only just received your message David. I have trees for Beamans/Blanshards on Ancestry UK- my Topping connection is through the Blanshard line. They should be available to see, I will check. I noticed that there were two marriage ceremonies for JOseph and Alice . I'm sure its the same couple and thought this happened occasionally.
  8. Thanks to everyone who contributed information about the Gilvrays. Tony Beaman
  9. My great2 grandfather- William BLanshard lived in Pilkington Row in the 1840's when he moved from South Shields to take up in a senior position at P B's.(Works Manager)
  10. Any Topping researchers out there? My own line goes back to the marriage of a Joseph Topping and a Dorothy Williams who married in November 1798. They produced 10 children . The fifth eldest was another Joseph born in 1807 who married an Alice Roughley in 1831.They had 3 boys (plus 4 girls)my great grandfather John Topping born 1842 being the middle son- the other two were Joseph 1839 and James born 1845.My maternal grandmother Annie Mary Topping born in 1881 was one of the children born to John Topping and Ann Birch. Tony Beaman
  11. I'm most grateful to you Ratty. I find it very useful for my genealogical endeavours.   Tony Beaman

    1. RATTY


      If you need further info I have access on Ancestry for now.

  12. What happened to the 1939 Electoral Roll which used to be available.on St Helens Connect?I had it on my 'favourites' but since my wife changed my provider I am unable to access it. I used to find it very useful indulging in my local genealogy. A J Beaman
  13. Thanks for your reply. I am interested in discovering any descendants of either marriage.
  14. I wonder if there are any researchers out there with connections with the Gilvray family? Two of my Blanshard ancestors married members of the Gilvray family.Jane Ann Blanshard married Daniel Gilvray in 1885 .Her sister Alice married James Gilvray in 1890. Both marriages were registered at Prescot. Both ladies lived long lives - Alice in particular was in her 95th year and Jane Ann in her 80's. A J Beaman
  15. Callander


    Thanks Alan. I was only 2 at the time so I had no idea what exactly they made.
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