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  1. Just noticed your message. I'm not sure if I responded to it previously. My  mother was a Blanshard- the youngest daughter of James Blanshard and Annie Mary Topping. James Blanshard was the son of Joseph Blanshard who was the youngest son of William Blanshard and Elizabeth Henderson/Griffiths. William Blanshard moved to St Helens from South Shields around 1830 to take up a senior position with Pilkington Bros.  Hope this reaches you.   Tony Beaman

  2. Callander

    Bill Brady

    It wasn't the last time I saw Bill Brady assault a student. He was our form master when I was in the second year. One of my classmates, a chap called Anthony Naylor known as 'Ninny' was merely leaning back on his chair when Brady attempted to throw his keys at him which failed miserably, so he charged at him and knocked him to the ground. We all looked on, ashen faced.
  3. In the mid 50's the Music Master was a Scot called Gordon L.Cairns who f irst gave me an interest in Classical Music. He used to play work by Vaughan Williams, Gustav Holst and Gilbert and Sullivan. He also had a period try and teaching us Maths, which was a hopeless cause. A thorough gent who I believe originated from the Kingdom of Fife. 'Yommer' Smith was an oddball who taught History and was also interested in Railway matters. Any one happening to pass his classroom door was asked in and was asked daft questions. I doubt anyone here will remember Miss Pritchard-Williams who had the unenviable task of teaching us Maths. She was very young and not unattractive which didn't go un-noticed.Certain form members would make an excuse to stand b y her desk to look at her cleavage or drop something near her to look up her skirt. She mus t have known what was going on but seemed to mind.us
  4. Callander

    Cowley horror stories

    I last met 'Dan' over 20 years ago, when walking along Higher Lane from my home in KIngs Moss I introduced myself an d he pretended he remembered me, which was unlikely as he hadn't seen me for 60 years. He was a genuine chap as well as being a character. I once heard a story when he first went to Cowley and went to the Staff Room for the break, he was asked or told b y a senior member of staff to make the tea, to which he responded 'Why are you f *** ng paralysed.
  5. Callander

    Bill Brady

    R P Brady known as 'Bill' taught geography during my years at Cowley (1952-7) an d was generally a good natured chap, but was prone to the occasional bout of bad temper. one incident is particular I'm unlikely to ever forget. In my second year, RPB was in charge of sport, during which a chap called Ally Gledhill was alleged to have lost a cricket ball. Bill flew into a rage and knocked poor Ally to the ground and kicked him. The sort of thing, nowadays, would have resulted in a jail sentence. AJB
  6. Callander

    Cowley horror stories

    Would this be T C Frodsham- WE knew him better as Nez?
  7. Callander

    Windlehurst Community Primary School

    Elaine.. I wonder if you got much response to your message regarding the history of Windlehurst School. I attended there from 1946-1952 and have many happy memories of the place. I am still in touch with a number of old school friends including Roger Clarke, Vince Travis, Stan Crosby, Bevan Price and Carole Powell.I approached the headmaster some years ago, to see if any form registers were still in existance, but was told that they had been destroyed in a fire. A great pity. Regards Tony Beaman
  8. Callander

    Pilks payroll 1849

    I discovered two of my ancestors in the 1849 payroll at P.B's- W.Blanshard who was earning an enormous wage(for those days) OF £2-17-9D was my great2 grandfather, and the C.Henderson in the Sheet House is also an ancestor. Tony Beaman
  9. Callander

    School Registers

    I understand that St Helens Local History Department have School Registers in their archives.I would particularly be interested to know if they include records for Windlehurst Primary School for the years 1946-51. Tony Beaman
  10. Callander

    TOPPING Joseph/BIRCH Ann

    Message for Jane Wands.. I did attempt to reply to your e-mail, but there appears to be a problem with the system. Just to say thanks for the information you supplied. Tony Beaman
  11. Callander

    William Blanshard

    My great2 grandfather William Blanshard was the first Works Manager of Pilkington Brothers, having moved to St Helens from South Shields in or around 1830. Members of the Blanshard family worked at PB's from 1830 until 1963, terminating with the death of my uncle Albert Blanshard.To the best of my knowledge, I am aware of all Blanshards who lived in or around St Helens during this 130 year period, but if any have got through the net.!
  12. Callander


    My great2 grandmother Betty Twist, born in Golborne in 1834, married a John Appleton from Stockton Heath at Golborne in 1855. Any connection? Tony Beaman
  13. Callander

    TOPPING Joseph/BIRCH Ann

    Hello Jane.. Hope you receive this message, as I am a bit of a novice with computers.I would be very pleased to receive any information you have involving the Toppings.The Joseph Topping I know about married an Alice Roughley in 1831, and was the son of another Joseph Topping and Dorothy Williams.All the best Tony Beaman
  14. Callander

    Windlehurst community Primary School

    Wonder if you ever received any details on Windlehurst Primary School, as it was called, when I attended just after the War ( world war 2 that is-not the napoleonic).I don't have any photographs, but I can recall many of the teachers, including the redoutable Miss Clarke and our Sports Master Tommy Twist. There were a number of old maids such as the diminuitive Miss Phillips-it's to be hoped she doesn't read this. Highly unlikely I would have thought. I am still in touch with a number of my classmates, one of whom I have contacted through St Helens Connect, who has been resident in Western Australia for the last thirty years.Kind regards Tony Beaman
  15. Callander

    Cowley horror stories

    Another anecdote-re-the fearsome Bill' Brady. As well as taking the geography classes, there was a period when he supervised some sporting activities(1953) On one occasion, an unfortunate first former managed to lose a cricket ball and Brady knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the ribs. We all stood around ashen faced. The chap at the end of his boot was called Ally Gledhill, I suspect he still has the bruises.

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