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  1. grotter

    Bobbies Lane

    St Julie's used to have a Donkey Derby there in the summer.Think I can remember it being opened by Hughie Green one year . I think it was late 60's early 70's
  2. grotter

    St Helens magistrates

    I've checked the list and he isn't on -sorry .
  3. grotter

    St Helens magistrates

    The only Forshaw listed is William Forshaw in 1916 . Maybe he was appointed to a different Bench. In 1974 there is a note to say due to local government organisation some JPs transferred from Newton and Makerfield so they are likely places to try.
  4. grotter

    St Helens magistrates

    I have a photocopy of a list of magistrates appointed between 1882 and 2004. There are about 30 people listed in 1940s .Who are you looking for and I will check it for you?
  5. grotter

    St.Mary's Lowe House.

    No sorry but if you ring them I am sure they will tell you what is available. The baptisms I found were 1869-1875 ,and the school records I looked at were registers from around 1899-1920s ,if that is any help
  6. grotter

    St.Mary's Lowe House.

    St Helens Library have some records on microfiche -certainly for baptisms anyway. They also have school records which have to be ordered in advance.
  7. grotter

    The Hayes/Heyes

    Hi Kath Probably from a much earlier time but my gr gr grandmother Ann Twiss was a 16 year old dairy maid at The Heyes in Haydock in 1851. At the time it was the home of Josiah Evans (son of Richard Evans the Coal mine owner). I understand it was Haydock's largest residential house .Info from Haydock library says it was in an advanced state of dilapitation in the 1920s . Large enclosed gardens at the front included a sunken lake and stone statues. The rear had a large courtyard with coach house and stables. There were about 5 small cottages possibly for stablemen etc.
  8. grotter

    Stepping Stones

    I think it is on the Rainford side of the East Lancs Road, between Houghtons Lane and Catchdale moss lane . There is a row of old cottages and of course a stream
  9. grotter

    the stream - west park/notre dame

    Sorry splus i have only just spotted your question. I was at ND 1971-1978
  10. grotter

    the stream - west park/notre dame

    By coincidence I was talking about the brook and the swimming pool to my daughters today. When I was at Notre Dame we were supposed to keep away from the brook -except on swimming lessons when we had to cross it by a plank ,have our lesson and then be back with dripping wet hair, in time for our next lesson ! Happy days .
  11. grotter

    All my St Helens names

    I also have Twiss from Haydock in my family tree. Anne Twiss b1834 married James Worsley. Has anyone any connections with this family ?
  12. grotter

    Collins Green Nursery.

    Oliver Orfords Farm may not be the same as Collins Green Nursery. My mum remembers his farm and he had a milkround on the St helens side of the boundary,although the farm was in Burtonwood. She remembers the nursery was at the other end of Broad lane at 4 Lane ends near the railway line. there were tips opposite where people used to go "coal picking"
  13. grotter

    Collins Green Nursery.

    My great grand mother lived close by in Burton Terrace,and my mother can remember walking to it for vegetables. It was on the right side of the road going out from St Helens ,entered down some steps.
  14. grotter


    I am also looking for info on a George Highcock but I don't think he is one of the above mentioned. This George married Mary Platt in 1914. They lived at Collins Green ,Burtonwood and had two daughters Madge and Ena . Madge married Arthur Pickersgill.If anyone has any info I would be really pleased. Thanks.
  15. grotter

    Prospect Row Parr Lancs

    Still in the Park Road area ,does anybody know what Park House on the corner of Park Road and Pocket Nook Street was ? It looks like a large building on the 1894 map ,and my ancestors Platt and Webster were living there around 1900 -1905 along with other families. Thanks.

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