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  1. JC Walsh. IIRC, they were taken over by Fred Davies mid - late 50s. I loaded many times out of there in the 60s when I worked for Fred.
  2. There was a John Wright worked for Fred mid to late 60s. His brother in law worked there too
  3. Dane

    St.Helens B.R.S.

    Fred Davies was at Abbey Rd. In the late 50s he moved to Station Rd, St Helens Junc. BRS was at Sherdley Rd. Suttons is at Eltonhead Rd
  4. I remember your dad Marie In fact, I was his second man for a while on nights. Did your mum work in the pub at the bottom of Mill Lane?
  5. Dane

    Sankey Sugar

    IIRC. It was taken in Hull.
  6. Hi Riley. Tommy Jensen here. I'm still going mate..well retired though. I'm still in touch with Chiefy Farrell, Roy Nemier (both emigrated to Canada in the mid 60s.) Also in touch with Keith Tagg & Bernie Barnes Steve Bridge. He was a second man.
  7. Dane

    Strange chariots

    One of the Salvation Army Officers at Ramford St. Citadel used one. This would be in the 50s.
  8. Dane

    Homage to Germolene

    It was called a 'Kaolin' poultice steveo.
  9. Dane

    Homage to Germolene

    I used to go to Procter & Gamble in Pomezia every couple of weeks in the early 90s. I made some very good friends there who, sadly, I have lost touch with.
  10. Dane

    Homage to Germolene

    Ciao to Pomezia.
  11. She'll be too old for you now Alan.
  12. Dane

    Dance Halls

    Co-op (Helena House)
  13. Dane

    Old remedies

    I remember the Cephos bridge like it was yesterday. I was surprised that no-one else had mentioned Cephos before me.
  14. Dane

    Old remedies

    Cephos powders.

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