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  1. Commers

    Same Sex Adoption

    To get back on topic.. Interesting that these Catholic adoption agencies only discriminate against co-existing homosexual couples, not single homosexual people. The way I see it, there are several thousand children in care who would benefit from adoption and, they have a right to be adopted. Therefore, the Catholic adoption agencies are not operating in the best interests of these children, simply because they find the idea of same-sex relations a turn-off.
  2. Commers

    Same Sex Adoption

    Now that would be a perversion.
  3. Commers

    Same Sex Adoption

    I think what you're referring to is only a single aspect of sexual behaviour, namely copulation. I'm sure that sexual intercourse, or 'sex' - especially when performed for pleasure - can be defined as any kind of insertive sexual behaviour, eg anal, oral. Armpit.
  4. Commers

    Same Sex Adoption

    HORT - I'd agree that heterosexuality is the 'norm', in that it's the sexual orientation of the majority and, arguably all male heterosexuals (including myself) won't find the idea of sexual relations with another man particularly palatable and will say so. But, why shouldn't we heterosexuals see two consenting adults in a homosexual relationship not as a manifestation of 'perversion' but, as an example of natural sexual variance?
  5. Commers

    Same Sex Adoption

    According to today's Times, in a years' time it'll be against the law for religious adoption agencies to discriminate against homosexual couples willing to adopt. The Christian Institute have answered with this:
  6. Commers

    Same Sex Adoption

    I remember him spending an awful lot of time with his sister, whilst his mother took on the role of breadwinner. His sister would have had a major influence on him. I'd agree that a child in the care of a homosexual, single-sex couple may be prone to bullying. But it could be argued that the children partaking in the act of bullying are merely channeling the prejudices of their 'normal' parents. Therefore, attitudes need to change.
  7. Commers

    Same Sex Adoption

    I agree, Alan. I think the time has come for society to be brutally assertive about secularism. It should be articulated loudly that faith and religion are a personal and private matter and that the strength of our society lies in its acceptance of private rights to observe religion, subject to the huge public interest in religion not having any role in public life. The practical conclusions of this means disestablishment, stripping established churches of any political power, scrapping state schools and, Ministers, including the Prime Minister disallowing religious considerations to influence policy. I don't have a problem with single-sex couples adopting children. I went to school with a lad whose father left his family at an early age and he was looked after by his mother and significantly older sister - in essence he was brought up by a single-sex 'couple' and there's no 'imbalance' in him that I can see.

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