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  1. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    Results are in, 2 x 1st cousins, one already known whilst th other is a mystery. 4 x 2nd cousins only 1 is in a known tree plus 180 4th cousins. So an intersting start, problem being only a couple of trees available in the main characters, so waiting to see what comes back in the messages.......... 😄
  2. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    The father and son of the ones I am interested in had 19 offsprings and the son passed away in 1939 so I think there must be a high number of relatives, but if there isn't bingo, the real searching will begin and as you say, its fun searching. As a matter of interest you mentioned in a previous post awhile ago that you were interested in the Hunts of Ditton. I live in one of the dittons there are several, the one I live in is called Ditton Priors, if its any use to you I live near the graveyard and church if you need photos etc.
  3. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    I haven't got the results as yet, its at the DNA Analysis stage according to Ancestry, but even at this stage I find some trees quite strange and unconnected. I find the thought of 200 second cousins and 34000 matches overall quite overwhelming, how on earth do you keep track. Regards the Gedcom etc I aim just to move along, one step at a time as I am somewhat slow to pick up information in my old age and retaining it is even harder lol.
  4. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    Fair point Kizzy, I am trying to isolate one particular line to see if it is relevant. I am stabbing in the dark in a way as I am not sure what I am doing but what i have done is put the one line only on the DNA link to trees, I am hoping then that this line will get some hits so proving its relevance or not. By the way I found the DNA Doctor site you mentioned on facebook very interesting.
  5. Would prefer private, any thoughts or advice would be welcome.
  6. woodsman


    I contacted Ford cemetery for a little bit more info about the grave yesterday and a lady called 'Marje' was more than helpful. She also promised to put a little bit more info in the post, Lo and behold it turned up in the post this morning, what great service and a smile......
  7. woodsman


    Believe I have found him. Interestingly he is buried in the FORD Catholic cemetery, the dates tally and no other deaths for someone of his age in that quarter.
  8. woodsman


    TJ, thanks for the reply, reluctant to name the person as there are older family members who would be absolutely horrified.
  9. woodsman


    Not familiar with procedures etc, hence the question. 1900 Liverpool, strong Irish and Church connection throughout his life, all family christenings etc. One male aged 63 commits suicide, were would he be buried. I seem to remember suicidal deaths were not allowed within the church grounds, thoughts appreciated.
  10. What a strange experience to read posts from 10 and more years ago really does evoke memories. One wonders how many of those old timers have now passed on, in a way their memories are now history of a time now gone. Fascinating, see your still going strong Alan lol
  11. woodsman

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    Just done the kit bit, well explained and simple to do................
  12. woodsman

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    Thanks for that Kizzy, I sent for the Ancestry one, now waiting for the kit. I read what you wrote a while ago about your experience and found it very thought provoking. I then got some further advice from one of the stars of the site, so all going well, I find it all quite fascinating.
  13. woodsman

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    NS, not a problem, to old and knackered for insurance anyway, more likely to use it to see if I am ready to euthanize, lol
  14. woodsman

    Inside St.Thomas Church, Eccleston

    Went on a few sunday mornings, [Sunday mornings were so boring when you were young} but do not remember the screen. Would I be right in thinking that the screen was put in after the fire. Never sure what this meant but my old lady always considered it 'to high'. Do remember the Sally Ann's plodding up and down Peter st on Sunday morning and the inevitable knock for the collection, think they were a bit optimistic.............
  15. woodsman

    Y-DNA (& Autosomal DNA)

    I hear what your saying Phil and in some ways I agree, thats why I was wondering if anyone had used Legacy. Another side of the question would be, that, as more persons use DNA as part of their Family History and technology also improves, then persons like myself who most probably will not be around, may provide a link in someones research. Come the end of the day its not a huge amount of money to spend on an interesting hobby. But thanks for your input.

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