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  1. Think it is highly debatable that politics has moved on, some might suggest it has slipped into a quagmire of greed and self seeking egos. But we wont debate it here Alan as I know we would have opposing views and this little bit is about BJLs excellent informative post, as I mentioned earlier, tis probably I living in the past [which often seemed a materially poorer time but a more honest and moral time]
  2. Its strange, I thought with so many persons on here having a working class background the site would have been alive with comments and queries. Is there no labour clubs left in St helens which could organize a trip, whats the trade council doing, members relations committees of the co-op. Am I just living in the past or has it just become easier to punch a keyboard or watch the tele................
  3. There's a few blasts from the past there..............Great pictures They have a cracking site on google, give you all the info you want for a great daty out.
  4. Some peple get the kit as presents etc so they don't have a clue, was there any way you could have asked him/her if you could help to unravel it for them or even do they have a relative who is into family history, shame to let a good lead go, but I can understand your frustration. Alternatively tell the person that a multi millioniare has left some money, that might help lol
  5. TJ, Strange, in a way they are distinctive names, not Smith or Jones you would imagine one would turn up. It would be understandble that the name HIGNETT could easily be misunderstood when entering onto the census, bu tthe other names you would imagine would be straightforward. I would think you have now piqued the interest of the FH wizards on here and it would be really great if at least one turned up. Found in the past the family story turned out to be a real load of rubbish, think sometimes someone says it and others embellish a little and away it goes and everyone ends up thinking it the truth lol.............lot to be said for DNA testing. Lets hope you get a breakthrough, it will probably come from a totally unexpected quarter.
  6. TJ, I would imagine with your experience you have put questions onto the likes of roots chat and other forums and some of the local history forums on facebook. Dave, have you suggested the idea of a time stamp on Ancestry to them. It would certainly stop a lot of the frustration experienced in the message system. I find it really galling when you keep seeing that someone has logged in and visited their site but you still get no reply.
  7. TJ, this was a totally new line so it was fascinating to say the least to find a cousin and other relatives. Take it you are on Gedmatch and Family tree dna, all the results I get on those t wo sites are 3rd cousins and beyond. Maybe the Xmas push of DNA pressies will bring a few up for you.
  8. It was a bit of luck in a way as the cousin attended a funeral and one of the other relatives mentioned I was trying to get hold of him and thats when he went and looked at his messages. Just as an aside, those two relatives had not spoken for years since a big family bust up, aren't coincidences a strange thing. If people have busy lives and don't look to closely then maybe Amazon should rethink how prominent the notification should be.
  9. Tried unsuccesfully to contact a first cousin via the message system on ancestry two and a half months ago. Got a reply last Thursday he had missed the messages. His sister emailed me Friday, both of them pleased to be in contact. He was my most important lead so it was disappointing not to raise him initially. So hang on in there, one never knows.....
  10. Thanks for that Ratty, I had another member draw the same conclusion but in stronger terms. I think they must be on a bit of a drive as I am getting more emails than previous. So the conclusion is seems to be 'avoid'
  11. Has anyone used them on the monthly subscription and if so is it easy to cancel ?
  12. It certainly changed when entering the seniors 🤨
  13. Remember the small wooden sandpit you could play in and the green cots for an afternoon kip. Somehow I always seem to remember it being warm, not the physical atmosphere but somehow you had a feeling of it being warm and secure.
  14. I feel a bit sad at saying this as back in the late fifties and early sixties used to go in there, great pub. With that in my memory I went in when we visted the cemetery last year on a dinner time, two chaps in 'the lounge' and a few in the bar. I made a real mistake, because of the tablets I am on I do not drink but for old times sake, and the comments I had read on here I thought I would have one, I asked him for a pint of something weak, I also had a long way to drive, it was served in the surliest manner possible, sat down, two chaps oppossite sat like the brothers glum, never spoke to us or to each other, glad to get out of the place. Give me the pub and the area from 50 years ago. Really sad that, it was bright and cheerful back in the day, glad my old fella couldn't be there.
  15. Frank, dna might be the way to go
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