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  1. woodsman

    Well Done Cricketers Arms!

    I feel a bit sad at saying this as back in the late fifties and early sixties used to go in there, great pub. With that in my memory I went in when we visted the cemetery last year on a dinner time, two chaps in 'the lounge' and a few in the bar. I made a real mistake, because of the tablets I am on I do not drink but for old times sake, and the comments I had read on here I thought I would have one, I asked him for a pint of something weak, I also had a long way to drive, it was served in the surliest manner possible, sat down, two chaps oppossite sat like the brothers glum, never spoke to us or to each other, glad to get out of the place. Give me the pub and the area from 50 years ago. Really sad that, it was bright and cheerful back in the day, glad my old fella couldn't be there.
  2. woodsman

    Suggestions please.

    Frank, dna might be the way to go
  3. woodsman

    Suggestions please.

    Not sure if this is any use Frank but in september 2018 issue of WDYTYA magazine there is an article on p63 regarding Irish Registrty of deeds which may be able to give you some pointers. Possibly the library keeps the mag or someone may be able to lend you a copy.
  4. woodsman


    Got the answer, at last. Had a real problem finding my way round the National Archives leaflet, and of course as soon as you spot it, all becomes clear, AT means Atlantic Star medal and PA of course stands for service in the pacific, china sea and indian ocean, we live and learn lol
  5. Totally baffled by the abreviation list. Can anyone explain the boxes which have been upper line 1939 AT PA 91820 second line one box CL Tried to make sense of the National Archives abbreviations list but nothing seems to match, thoughts appreciated Picked up this person returning from Bombay as a passenger, bit faded but appears to be RADIO OFFICER
  6. woodsman

    Mirror Tree query

    Things are moving so fast this afternoon. Sent an 'hello' to a third cousin who replied and after a few emails provides loads of news, photos and history etc etc. She has links into all the other family members on the list of first and second cousins so its looking really good.
  7. woodsman

    Mirror Tree query

    Hi Kizzy, slow but sure and so many twists and turns, its like a detective story. I followed the directions from the Reserecting Roots.com site with clear instructions on '5 Steps to build a Mirror Tree' but the building seems to be the easy part, figuring it out is more intriguing and quite fascinating. It is also bringing up links into the US and its really interesting how much info is available on individuals, I was quite surprised, not sure if its just the families I am looking at but they seem to take their family history very seriously. I got about 30 photos of possible matches to a name, my initial thought was they look very serious, then I looked at the top and it was all 'mug shots' from various prisons lol
  8. woodsman

    Mirror Tree query

    Its badly worded Dave. 'Linda' and I would appear to share a direct Ancester line through her parents. The green tree hint also provides a list of 11 ancester direct names which then goes on to provide a further 57 names dating back into the 1600's. I presume all these names are taken from Lindas tree not from any type of dna test. So ultimately all I have so far is Linda and there is a possibility that one of her parents may not be her parent. I think I am answering my own question in a very round about way. Think the best thing to do for the time being is to close the thread until I find a further way of clarifying the tree. Oh if only someone like my 1st cousin would reply to the dammed messages lol..........
  9. woodsman

    Mirror Tree query

    I created a mirror tree from a 2/3 cousin, call her Linda, [Cn 249]. The results came back with a green leaf hint that her father Geoffrey is part of my relative line, now do I create a second mirror tree and take Geoffrey as the start point. I did have in the original mirror tree Geoffrey and his Dad Eric in the tree, would it have shown Eric initially as a relative as well. Thoughts appreciated....
  10. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    Results are in, 2 x 1st cousins, one already known whilst th other is a mystery. 4 x 2nd cousins only 1 is in a known tree plus 180 4th cousins. So an intersting start, problem being only a couple of trees available in the main characters, so waiting to see what comes back in the messages.......... 😄
  11. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    The father and son of the ones I am interested in had 19 offsprings and the son passed away in 1939 so I think there must be a high number of relatives, but if there isn't bingo, the real searching will begin and as you say, its fun searching. As a matter of interest you mentioned in a previous post awhile ago that you were interested in the Hunts of Ditton. I live in one of the dittons there are several, the one I live in is called Ditton Priors, if its any use to you I live near the graveyard and church if you need photos etc.
  12. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    I haven't got the results as yet, its at the DNA Analysis stage according to Ancestry, but even at this stage I find some trees quite strange and unconnected. I find the thought of 200 second cousins and 34000 matches overall quite overwhelming, how on earth do you keep track. Regards the Gedcom etc I aim just to move along, one step at a time as I am somewhat slow to pick up information in my old age and retaining it is even harder lol.
  13. woodsman

    DNA, Ancestry recommend public tree

    Fair point Kizzy, I am trying to isolate one particular line to see if it is relevant. I am stabbing in the dark in a way as I am not sure what I am doing but what i have done is put the one line only on the DNA link to trees, I am hoping then that this line will get some hits so proving its relevance or not. By the way I found the DNA Doctor site you mentioned on facebook very interesting.
  14. Would prefer private, any thoughts or advice would be welcome.
  15. woodsman


    I contacted Ford cemetery for a little bit more info about the grave yesterday and a lady called 'Marje' was more than helpful. She also promised to put a little bit more info in the post, Lo and behold it turned up in the post this morning, what great service and a smile......

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