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  1. I had a contact in usa who was totally convinced I was out to scam him, really weird. I was informed by another relative later that he was an ex lawman who had took early retirement after a problem with a shooting which had gone wrong [for the person who was shot]. Glad to say the communication very soon petered out lol
  2. Think there are situations where persons feel the need to keep it private, parentage questions, adoptees, abuse etc. I think all would agree that privacy is of real concern for some.
  3. I think in future I shall take the line of not sending any messages as it does seem to be a pointless exerciese and if anyone wishes to contact me, fair enough, I shall reply.
  4. Reckon it would be a good idea if Ancestry was to introduce some system which would allow you to see how many messages an individual replied to. At least you would then be able to judge if it is worth contacting them.l
  5. TJ, Thats not him on familysearch, down as Joseph Wilson, b 2 Mar 1803, christened 20 Mar 1803, St Helens, Father Jas Wilson. Jas often shortened for James. You have probably seen it, but thought worth a mention
  6. The hunt is on lol added 10 minutes later TJ regarding the Wilsons, I wondered if they had moved due to the 'clearances'. You are probably aware, but found two good sites, one on FB Scotlands Genealogy Group and the other is the Scottish govs Scotlands People
  7. What a fascinating glimpse of life. It was interesting to see how meticulously everything was allocatted and to whom. What a find it would be if you could lay your hands on the old bible and prayer book and any family information contained within. It crossed my mind that he could well have been involved within one of the local religous groups as a lay preacher etc. You do wonder where he learnt his letters.
  8. It is turning out to be quite interesting. The line stretching back from the GGGrandfather was part of the outflow of Scots seeking a better life during the Highland Clearances and have ended up doing rather well for themselves in the Spice Island of Grenada. Evidently there was a large numbr of Scots in the Carribbean, many owning plantations and doing quite well in various trading enterprises, which was shown by the monies collected and sent back to fund projects like Inverness Infirmary and Fortorse Academy. It is making fascinating reading and has rekindled the enthusiasm for FH.
  9. Trying a new line. Scottish ancesters. Had very few Scottish names turn up in the DNA list.
  10. My Dad worked on the sandfields for many years, got a great pic somewhere of him driving the little loco, he worked there for about 25 or so years.
  11. Just in case it is misinterpreted, I put a like on Franks post above as it cleared up once and for all as regards my mums story to me about the bomb on the brook. So for my part it was good to get a factual write up.
  12. Bert, I wondered if the last word of the above was on purpose, I believe they did have a somewhat 'positive' attitude to those foolish enough not to obey the rules. Interesting to read your memories of that time.
  13. Back in the fifties my mother said at various times about a bomb being dropped on the brook. She lived in that area during the war but as regards the truth of the statement, I do not know. As regards the Boundary road end of the brook, it is really weird as all my 'journeys' always seemed to head either straight down talbot st to duke st or along the brook to westfield st, I can never recall turning left from talbot st onto the brook, even going to the lingholme from peter st was Kirkland st and then along boundary rd, but neve the brook. Alan will know, he is the expert.
  14. I am like an old sailing clipper. stuck in the doldrums. GG Grandfather was according to the Baptism record 'illegitimate' not the son of .......who GG grandmother had married. He must have been really fed up about something, or did he coming home one night early and find......... think the lesson is, nothing changes and expect the unexpected. Or maybe the local vicar had the hump and the family could not read, conjecture is the root of family history lol
  15. I am on Ancestry and the DNA is through Ancestry so hoping might just pick up something from the other major sites. Just wondered if someone else had much success.
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