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  1. woodsman

    Come to st.helens this sunday?

    No different really than many other towns and cities. Suppose in ten years time the streets will be empty and we will all be locked in a world of virtual reality for entertainment etc, maybe we are there already, look around at persons on their phones etc, fodder for the masses.
  2. Thought it was interesting to read the posts on ones old teachers, but just as much an influence where your classmates, for better or worse!! Rivvy rd seniors 1960, Ted Fletcher Kevin Conroy Walter Kerr Stan Jones Tommy Rigby Dave Pye Alan Ashall
  3. woodsman

    Maybe of interest to ex rivvi roaders

    Sorry not replied Junebill but what a demonstration of how helpful the contributors are on this site.
  4. woodsman

    What makes a good park?

    Love the colours of the well kept flower beds, like the aromatic herb gardens, the well trimmed greens, mums with their kids enjoying the fresh air and the kids exploring. Can not really say much about the St Helens parks as only had a short visit a while ago, but enjoyed taylor park although I did not go round the old paddling lake and enjoyed the queens rec, although very different from my younger days I did like the seperate part for dog walkers but sorry to see the greens go, and if anyone remembers it, the monkey frame and swings, suppose its not pc today. For me excellent parks I have visited are Hull's east park, Rugby fantastic show of flowers and the same for Exmouth and Dorchester, lucky that whilst in Dorchester was treated to a concert by the local silver band and of course Northamptons Abingdon Park.
  5. woodsman

    Maybe of interest to ex rivvi roaders

    Junebill, have you looked on the local history at the schools list, you may find someone listed on there who went to Rivvi who you knew
  6. woodsman

    Whittles sausages!

    Think it must have been a 'cottage industry' for the area as we used to get our pies etc from a lady in Horace st, you used to go down the alley between Horace st and Kitchener st and to her back door, they where delicious. The faggots or as we called them 'ducks' we used to get from Peninngtons Butchers in Cambridge rd.
  7. woodsman

    Anybody from Hard Lane Estate in 50's/60's?

    No sorry but I am sure others on here will soon pick up the post and maybe provide some snippets of info or memories of past times.
  8. woodsman

    Anybody from Hard Lane Estate in 50's/60's?

    Welcome Denise, not my area but I did think what a thoughtful post you have put on.
  9. woodsman

    Lincoln House: Corporation Street, St Helens.

    Thanks for that Ollie, sometimes wonder what is fact and fiction in my head!!!!!
  10. woodsman

    Lincoln House: Corporation Street, St Helens.

    Probably off the mark here but I seem to remember a building to do with the mining school in that area and somehow behind it a railway terminal of some sort, my memory ain't what it was so I could well be wrong.
  11. woodsman

    your opinions on housing areas please

    Hi Marky, when we move to a different area we usually do the walk round bit beforehand to get a feel for it and then when we get home we usually phone a few taxi firms and ask there opinion, figure they are the ones who carry the rubbish home on a night. Good luck
  12. Great pics, really capture the spirit of the times. Thanks for posting them
  13. woodsman

    The old fashioned fish and chip shops

    remember the one in Peter St and one also in Kirkland St nearly opposite Fredericls, just down from Hendersons paper shop The specials, coated sliced potatoes and were a filling meal without anything else but O lord where they fattening.
  14. woodsman

    Pigot Street, Queens Coronation 1953

    Great photo and nice to read your comments, Wonder if a lad called Jeff Tunstall who lived in the area was on your radar. I will echo what Phyl said, thanks for sharing.
  15. woodsman

    the smell of fresh bread

    The smell of the old pubs when you walked past.

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