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  1. I will sell each book at £6 with £2.50 for P&P or two for £10. P&P £3.50 Order direct from me Peter Harvey at: Order direct from Redheadbooks2440@gmail.com I will deliver free locally to St Helens. Look out for the third book in the trilogy after Christmas.
  2. I know that The Volunteer Hall was built in 1861 and I believe that The Engineer Hall existed before that time, possibly back to 1850 and the time of The Crimean War. Any one know if that is correct ? I know that The Engineers left Liverpool to take part in that war and that by 1880 St Helens had one company (100 men) Royal Engineers, and one Batt. (100 men) of the Royal Artillery. Please give the reference.
  3. Thanks for looking and for the maps. I have all of the census records and believe that Mrs Littler's field was by Cockleshell Cottage. Sometimes on these maps the names given are on the opposite side of the road to where the actual buildings are.
  4. I've been told the it was 'The Parish Church Field' and perhaps it was. How it became known as 'Mrs Littler's Field' is what is interesting to me. I know that it was supposed to be where the very early rugby was played, before the foundation of any club. i would like to see an old map as it might tell us about a Littler's farm or such. No maps available at the moment while the Library is closed. Perhaps I can advertise Pauline Hurst's talk on The Gamble Legacy to be given Thursday night in the Town Hall 6.45-7pm. These old families were involved with not only the Volunteer Battalions, but also the formation of rugby clubs.
  5. PRV

    Saints v Catalans

    Catalan were definitely trying to slow down the play and were hanging on in the tackle, so he penalised them. The Saints players started to push them off as the stood up and he penalised them, for walking through the mark. The are a big side and our forwards had to play well. I have to say that the try Alex Walmsley scored from 50-60 yards was a belter. Gradually Saints got on top and were playing good open rugby by the end. As usual James Roby was superb. Theo Fages got the man of the match for his broken field play and Young Danny Richardson is coming along nicely as the others begin to trust him. The forwards are running in two and threes which is good to see as they are using their pace as well as their size. Someone said to me 'if we win every game from now to the end of the season, we will be the Champions'. Perhaps we will but it is a big ask and I bet you could get good odds on that. Interesting the crowd was given as 10,025 for the second match running.I suppose they want to keep the average above 10,000, and hopefully more people will turn up for the last 3 home games.
  6. I am interested in looking for Littler's Field on any old maps (1860-80). I believe Mrs Littler's field was up by the Cockleshell Cottage on Rainford Road, or is it St Helens Road going out to Rainford? There are houses on it now but I believe it was used long ago as a place to play rugby (and no doubt other sports too. Anyone help me with this please.
  7. We can't escape the obvious, Saints were playing without fear today. Regan Grace has been kept out 'because he can't tackle' Never saw him miss one and what a runner he is. Pity we were forced to play with 12 men but we can but hope that more of that spirit and drive will be there for the rest of the season. Pace in the back line will make such a difference to watching our team play.
  8. For Tony's Books P&P for single books will be £2.50 and for both books together £3.00. i will deliver locally for free because I want people to read these books. If you know St Helens and are interested in Local History, with particular feelings about The Irish Immigrants around 1850 (from the Famine), you will enjoy these books. Order direct from Redheadbooks2440@gmail.com Don't forget I need your address. You can see pictures of the books on my facebook page Redheadbooks2440
  9. I am helping Tony Sweeney to sell his books which are very relevant to St Helens. He has used his deep knowledge of local history to write two books, one is the sequel to the other. The first book is Light from the Earth which is selling for £7, and the second book 'We do those shadows tread'.£7 Self published by Tony and on sale at the World of Glass and Wardleworths bookshop. Available from me at redheadbooks2440@gmail.com £7 each or both for £12. Pay by paypal or cheque to me. Pictures available but i don't know have to post them on here.
  10. A new posting on Tony Sweeney's books

  11. I realise that this has been a while coming but events dictate some things.i do know about the finding of the Waterloo Medal and some of us are looking at who might have been the owner of it.I have looked down the list of Coldstream Guards and not found the name we are looking for. Is there another list within the total which might be helpful? How do we break down the total list and where did the discharge papers for William Anderton come from<
  12. This posting is but a reminder to those who want to collect the book 'AT Champion's Diary'. Date Monday 22/02/2016 Time 12-2pm place Central Library. This is an excellent book and will shed a great deal of light on the day to day action of 'The St Helens Pals' 101 years to the day that they left St Helens members of their families can also pick up a book which lists all 3000+ very short biographies, which we are also giving out. It is important that the books are collected because postage & Packing will have to be paid for, though a list will be available through St Helens Family History Society who meet each Tuesday in the Central Library. Don't miss this important event.
  13. I have all three classes from 1952 Intake if that helps. I have all three classes from 1952 Intake if that helps.By the way when I was there it was West Park Grammar. Not a serious comment!
  14. Good news today. We are talking to The Management at St Helens Public Library about the launch of A.T.Champion's Diary. During the past 12 months Dave Risley has continued working on the transcription of the original diary, in order to get it into a readable book format. Heritage Lottery gave us (St Helens Townships Family History Society) an extension of the project and our lead researcher Dave Risley, has continued with his work at Fulwood Barracks to complete this task. About 75 volunteers tried to help us with this work during the last six months of the original project, but very few on them could mange to make sense of the photocopied pages. I want to thank them for their efforts and I am sure that they will feel entitled to attend and get a copy of the published book. This book tells the story of each day in the life of 11th Battalion throughout the war. It will be a wonderful companion book to the one published last year. To be certain of getting one you need to turn up on Monday 22/2/2016 at the Central Library. The event begins at 12 noon with a short presentation from Dave Risley at 12.30. Books are free but only 1000 have been published so attending this event is the only sure way to get a book. I will post again on Connect but put that date in your Diary now. 22/02/2016. Exactly 100 years from the date that The St Helens Pals left here for their final training at Bangor. As some of you already know our President Richard Waring died a couple of months ago. RIP Richard.
  15. One year on from the last posting on this thread. Good news we (St Helens Townships Family History Society) will be publishing A.T. Champion's Diary in the next couple of months. The original transcription was done by many volunteers, but Dave Risley has actually gone through every page to try to complete those transcriptions. There are still many words missing (unsure) but we think that it is well worth producing the book. It will be free but only about 1000 will be available. They will be given out at the Launch in the Public Library in February. Look out for the date because being there is the only way to make sure you get a copy. I will post again after Christmas.
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