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  1. Neither. At this time each parish had to appoint two overseers of the poor, Overseers of highways and Constables annually from the inhabitants. These posts were unpaid. The overseer of the poor at the particular time you mention must have had houses to rent.
  2. Phizz


    ​Have only recently resolved this. Aaron was a journeyman blacksmith when he lived in Cheshire as a boarder. He died in 1863 aged 26 at home with his father James in attendance. He had a liver disease and pneumonia. I thought I would never find him. Thankyou all for the posts
  3. Phizz


    I have found this from St Peter Parr Burials Grave purchased by Charles Tonks Nellie Johnson 15 February 1919 27 yrs Mary Jane Tonks 15 April 1929 64 yrs Leslie Cedric Phythian 30 December 1930 12 yrs Charles Hy Tonks 31 August 1931 65 yrs Edna Pearce Borough Rd 24 April 1998 82 yrs and on grave Nellie 7 Febuary 1919 aged 27 years Mary Jane Tonks 15 April 1929 aged 64 years Leslie Cedric Son of Aaron and Edith Phythian 30 December 1930 aged 12 years Charles Henry Husband of Mary Tonks 31 August 1931 aged 65 years Fond memories of Edna Pearce 17 April 1998 aged 82 years
  4. Phizz


    Great Photos. I have seen the name Moses Phythian but cannot connect them to the family of my Aaron Phythian of Parr whose nephew - another Aaron Phythian - married into the Forshaw family of Cooper Lane
  5. Phizz


    I have put a posting about Aaron Phythian answering your last post- just in case you haven't seen it. Phizz
  6. Phizz


    I have found the marriage of Aaron and Edith Tonks on Lancs BMD but I cannot find any other Aaron yet. As they were married in 1917 at St Peter Parr, which is the church of all my Phythian family, I think there may be some connection and I am still looking for more Aaron Phythians. I have just found the burial of Aaron Phythian aged 26 on 25th August 1863 at St Thomas Eccleston. His home is given as Parr so don't know why he was buried at St Thomas. In 1851 he was aged 14 a blacksmith at Parr so I now believe that the above census for 1861 was my Aaron living in Monks Coppenhall as a boarder with the family of James Greenall, who was also a blacksmith from Parr. I have the Greenall name as a witness in some of the marriages in my tree. He could have been married and had a son before 1864 but that would mean he would be the grandfather of your Aaron. What do you think?
  7. Phizz


    Would your Aaron have been born in 1837? He was the brother of my great grandmother, so could have been too old to be married to your great aunt. I shall look for this possible marriage though and will tell you what I find. Thankyou
  8. Thankyou both for the replies. Before my grandma died around 1950, the family heard that one of her brothers was made a magistrate. We had the newspaper cutting for some time and I read it but not being so interested then in people I didn't know, I only remember he was her brother. Her family (Charles Forshaw) were grocers and bakers and she did have a brother Fred born late 1880s so he could be the one I am looking for. I should think the cutting was in a St Helens newspaper. This particular branch of the Forshaw family didn't have a brewery.
  9. Does anyone know of a Forshaw possibly from Haydock who was made a magistrate in late 1940s ?
  10. Hi Kirsty Sorry I have only just seen your post. Click on Local History which is one of the tabs running along the top of this page and a box will appear with a list on the left.. Items of Interest is in this list. Hope you find it. . Hi Lainey Am still struggling putting Twiss on Ancestry which is why I haven't been on this site for a while,but think I had better start on Sudworth. I have a cert somewhere of John and Ruth Twiss marriage. As regards Birchall - think illegitimate. I'll write
  11. Lovely to see you are still posting too Kirsty. so am glad I have recently started coming on this site more often. Afraid I lapsed! Have you seen the "Items of news about Haydock" on this site? It mentions the 1866 cholera outbreak when six of Twiss family died in August.
  12. Hi I have sent you a message with my email address. Ruth married the brother of my maternal great grandmother and I have put the marriage cert on Ancestry Joseph was her grandfather. Kirsty and I found out quite a lot about the Twiss family and I have part of a book written by one of the Sudworth descendants so hopefully you will be able to sort out the family you are looking for.
  13. Graveyard in the church grounds on main road between Ashton in Makerfield and St Helens.
  14. Phizz


    Thanks. The age is only two years out and his father was a blacksmith so this could be the Aaron I am looking for. I'll try to find more about him in Nantwich.
  15. Phizz


    I have found a lot of details of the family of Moses Phythian but cannot find any connection with my line. Strangely they were in the registers of St James Haydock where my family belonged.
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