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  1. Hi lollipop Lets start with Jesse! I have a copy of his birth certificate which states Jesse born 2 January 1847 at Newton, son of Henry Cunliffe ( Collier ) and Ann Cunliffe formerly Owen
  2. Is anyone out there researching these families? Henry Cunliffe b Haydock abt 1807 married(date unknown) Ann Owen Children are John b Haydock abt 1827. Alice b Haydock abt 1829 married Samuel MEE 8 Aug 1852 Emmanuel Church Newton. Thomas b Haydock abt 1834. Ralph b Newton abt 1837. Issac b Newton abt 1839. William b Newton abt 1840. Zachariah b Newton Abt 1842. Peter b Newton abt 1843. Ann b Newton abt 1844. Jesse b 2 Jan 1847 Newton married Elizabeth Marsh Mary b Newton abt 1848 Jesse Cunliffe b 1847 - d 1916 Elizabeth Marsh b 1848 - d 1924. Married 24 November 1873 Christ Church Eccleston. Children all born in St Helens. John abt 1874 Married Elizabeth Ainge. Peter b abt 1876. Henry b abt 1879 married Annie. Jesse b abt 1881. Thomas b abt 1884. Elizabeth A b abt 1886. Jane b abt 1888. William b abt 1891. John Cunliffe b 1874 - d 1954 Married Elizabeth Ainge b 1875 - d 1958 Married 20 July 1899 Independant Chapel , Ormskirk Street, St Helens. Children all born St Helens John b 14 June 1900 married Annie Charnock Doris b 19 Feb 1904 Married Frederick Bertram Hawkins Gladys b 1807 d 1809 John Cunliffe b 1900 d 1962 Married Annie Charnock b 1901 - d 1985 Married 14 June 1928 Independant Chapel , Ormskirk Street, St Helens. John and Annie only had one daughter, Marjorie Joan Cunliffe b 22 June 1931 - 4 Oct 2004 Married 20 March 1952, Ormskirk St,Congregational Church, St Helens. John Joseph Appleton b 23 Feb 1927 - d 24 Feb 2003 Please get in touch all info greatly recieved and shared !
  3. Jigsaw Tree

    Dress Shop

    The dress shop on the corner of Rainhill road & Tasker Terrace, it is now a bakery shop !
  4. Jigsaw Tree

    Dress Shop

    Does anyone remember this shop?
  5. Jigsaw Tree

    Knobstick Hall - where was it?

    Hi I to have a family (my husbands) that lived at Knobstick Hall too. It was not a street, it was a group of back to back houses which could have been owned by one of the local collieries (dont know which one though) You will not find it on a modern day map! It was in the area of Burtonhead Road and Groves Dam. If you contact St Helens local studies library they should be able to help as they do have a map. The family I have there are Appleton`s hope this helps you Jigsaw Tree

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