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  1. I don't understand why they have to put glass or perspex into bus shelters as there is no need to be able to see through them anyway ?
  2. Mr Bate was an excellent teacher my love of history is totally due to his teaching I'm so sorry to hear of his passing, Mr Kelly (Maths) was the only other teacher that came close.
  3. What a load of bollocks, Wetherspoons were never told to take down the "offending" flags, this stupid post ranks along side the , I was thrown out of poundland for wearing a poppy shite, I hate this kind of post, if the internet had been around in Germany the 1930's it would of been full of this kind of crap.
  4. I was in the cemetery a couple of months ago looking for a grave, family tree stuff, anyway to cut a long story short I got into conversation with a very knowledgeable gentleman who offered to help me find my family grave, he seemed to know a lot about the cemetery and its history so I asked him about the cemetery stone and he told me that years ago there was a small grass island at the rear of the chapel where the horse drawn hearses would turn around as they turned they tended to catch the corner of the chapel, you can still see the marks on the wall behind the stone, so the stone was erected to stop this happening.
  5. Hi Phyll, as a member of Lancashire Libraries I have access to newspapers from the 17th 18th and 19th centuries, if you need any further information PM me, it will probably be next weekend before I get a chance to reply, but I will reply.
  6. I hope she managed to live the rest of her life in relative comfort, makes me ashamed to be male.
  7. You might find this of interest its from the Liverpool Mercury, 17th August, 1861.
  8. Quite a few of my,Twist, relations lived in Parr Mill Cottages in the 1841 census, here,hopefully, is a map of the Dam from 1849, the road to the right is now Blackbrook Road. <a href="http://s181.photobucket.com/albums/x263/windled/?action=view&current=ParrMillCottages.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x263/windled/ParrMillCottages.jpg" border="0" alt="Parr Mill Cottages."></a>
  9. We used to get picked up by a tractor / trailor across the road from St Thomas of Canterbury Church at 6 am to take us to Rainford for pea. potatoe or sprout picking, we would get tallies for the weight of each bag we took to be weighed they were then exchanged for money, at the time I also had two paper rounds on the go, if you wanted to buy something in them days you earned the money yourself,
  10. Kneeshin your PM box appears to be full if you could empty it I would like to send you a message. windled.
  11. Yes t'was I, I got to the cemetery shortly after 10 am, I did notice someone else looking at the head stones, I did wonder at the time if it might be another Connect member. I still have the photograph I took of the grave of Elizabeth and Joshua Fairclough there is information on the stone regarding their son John who was killed in action in 1918 so if anyone is researching these Fairclough PM me and I will send you the photo.
  12. Sorry Marrie I had a walk around the cemetery this morning and I took a photograph of a Fairclough grave, I didn't have a christian name, that I thought was 10/301, there are very few graves with numbers on so it was a bit of guess work, anyway long story short when I got home I checked the cemetery records and I have the wrong Fairclough, I have a photo of an Elizabeth Fairclough b1849 d1905 husband Joshua b1849 d1922, the grave ref is 10/264. I then had a walk around section 8 for half an hour with know luck (hangs head in shame) hopefully Ratty will be able to do a little bit better.
  13. Hi Twistl-01, Hopefully this proves that Joseph's fathers name was Robert, Groom's Name: Joseph Twist Groom's Birth Date: 1837 Groom's Birthplace: Groom's Age: 21 Bride's Name: Margaret Brownbill Bride's Birth Date: 1839 Bride's Birthplace: Bride's Age: 19 Marriage Date: 02 May 1858 Marriage Place: St. Thomas, Eccleston (Near Prescot), Lancashire, England Groom's Father's Name: Robert Twist Groom's Mother's Name: Bride's Father's Name: James Brownbill Bride's Mother's Name: Groom's Race: Groom's Marital Status: Groom's Previous Wife's Name: Bride's Race: Bride's Marital Status: Bride's Previous Husband's Name: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02920-2 System Origin: England-EASy Source Film Number: 1849656 Reference Number: 498 I will PM you with my email address, Windled.
  14. Hi kneeshin, I forgot to mention that Elizabeth (Betty) Mather had been married before she married John Anders, she married John Darbyshire (the family later became Derbyshire's) on the 15 Nov, 1847 at Rainford Parish Church, they had one child together named Ellen, born 1847, John died before the 1851 census and Betty and daughter moved in with her father John Mather in Duke street, John Mather was my great grandfather x 4. Twistl-01, it does look likely that we are related, was your Joseph Twist's wife's name Margaret (Brownbill), and was his fathers name Robert ? Windled.
  15. Hi Twistl-01, I have a Thomas Twist b1862 he was the son of Joseph Twist 1837-1898 and Margaret Brownbill 1838-1896, could this be the same Thomas and Joseph you mentioned in your post ? Hi Kneeshin, the only Anders I have in my tree is John Anders b1828 he was married to Elizabeth (Betty) Mather, do you have Mather's in your tree as well as Twist's ?
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