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  1. I don't understand why they have to put glass or perspex into bus shelters as there is no need to be able to see through them anyway ?
  2. Mr Bate was an excellent teacher my love of history is totally due to his teaching I'm so sorry to hear of his passing, Mr Kelly (Maths) was the only other teacher that came close.
  3. Hi Twistl-01, Hopefully this proves that Joseph's fathers name was Robert, Groom's Name: Joseph Twist Groom's Birth Date: 1837 Groom's Birthplace: Groom's Age: 21 Bride's Name: Margaret Brownbill Bride's Birth Date: 1839 Bride's Birthplace: Bride's Age: 19 Marriage Date: 02 May 1858 Marriage Place: St. Thomas, Eccleston (Near Prescot), Lancashire, England Groom's Father's Name: Robert Twist Groom's Mother's Name: Bride's Father's Name: James Brownbill Bride's Mother's Name: Groom's Race: Groom's Marital Status: Groom's Previous Wife's Name: Bride's Race: Bride's Marital Status: Bride's Previous Husband's Name: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02920-2 System Origin: England-EASy Source Film Number: 1849656 Reference Number: 498 I will PM you with my email address, Windled.
  4. Hi kneeshin, I forgot to mention that Elizabeth (Betty) Mather had been married before she married John Anders, she married John Darbyshire (the family later became Derbyshire's) on the 15 Nov, 1847 at Rainford Parish Church, they had one child together named Ellen, born 1847, John died before the 1851 census and Betty and daughter moved in with her father John Mather in Duke street, John Mather was my great grandfather x 4. Twistl-01, it does look likely that we are related, was your Joseph Twist's wife's name Margaret (Brownbill), and was his fathers name Robert ? Windled.
  5. Hi Twistl-01, I have a Thomas Twist b1862 he was the son of Joseph Twist 1837-1898 and Margaret Brownbill 1838-1896, could this be the same Thomas and Joseph you mentioned in your post ? Hi Kneeshin, the only Anders I have in my tree is John Anders b1828 he was married to Elizabeth (Betty) Mather, do you have Mather's in your tree as well as Twist's ?
  6. My line reads, mother Twist still living, grandfather Francis J Twist, 1898-1981 > Joseph Twist, 1871-1950 > Thomas Twist, 1845-1871 > John Twist, 1823-1886 > Thomas Twist, 1794-1869 > Thomas Twist, 1759-1838, all born in the St Helens area mainly Parr and Blackbrook.
  7. I have got 119 Twist's in my family tree, yet I don't appear to have any off the above !
  8. Thanks for that Le, the bridge in the middle of the photo is where we had to queue for our meals, as you can see it was quite a confined space to start a fight.
  9. I left Campion in 1974, so the Pat Booth thing happened after I had left, I didn't believe it at the time and I still don't believe it now, I was told years ago by someone who was in the same class as the accuser that he had probably made it all up to get his own back on Booth, for whatever reason, if that is true he managed to ruin the career of an excellent Headmaster, in my humble opinion.As for happy memories I haven't got any, the only thing that sticks in my mind is the many fights I had at dinner time, in the early 70's you had to form two queues for school dinners, the one on the left, my queue, was for free school meals, the one on the right was for paying customers, not one week went by without some jerk from paying side tossing an insult at us non paying lads, I stopped having any dinner at school because I was always getting in trouble.
  10. Alan I'm still doing it I've been the scrapie this morning Here is a picture of the Flying Flea, http://www.mosi.org.uk/about-us/news/flying-flea-visits-southport-airshow
  11. If Thomas and Elizabeth had a son called William baptized on Sept 4th 1796 this maybe of interest to you, the record is from Blackbrook St Mary's.
  12. [quote name=gilly' date='22 September 2009 - 12:05 AM' timestamp='1253574329' post='308942'.I also had a cousin who was a teacher there Mike Foster taught Chemistry i believe. We used to call him Pedro because of his Mexican tash, I see you use the words "had a cousin" , is he no longer with us Gilly ?
  13. Jaw Bones Foulds was somewhere between Back Lane (now known as Woodlands Road) and Wash Lane (now Washway Lane).
  14. I couldn't of wished for a better response, thank you all for taking the time to pass on the above information, I will print off the replies for future reference, I will be attempting to trace my grandfathers side the Kennedy's, and my grandmothers side the Kelly's, I should imagine that's a bit like tracing the Smith's and Brown's over here.Anyway thanks again for the above help and information, it is much appreciated. Windled.
  15. For reasons best known to his good self the boss has decided to give us all a Christmas bonus this year, so after the wife has taken her usual percentage, and with a 12 day break on the horizon, and a few extra (unexpected) pounds in the back pocket I have decided to start to trace the Irish side of the family. Can anybody that has already gone down this road please give me some pointers, what are the best sites to use, is it costly, are the Irish census forms the same, or similar to our census forms, what are the pitfalls, is there anything you wished you had known before you started your own searching. You will probably be able to see from the above questions that I am indeed a complete novice, so any bit of help and advice will be much appreciated, Windled.
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