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  1. Frank, if you email friendsofsthelenscemetery@googlemail.com with the details they will locate the grave, and take a photograph and email it to you
  2. pm sent to Waterbabe with details of this (family member ) person. Thanks
  3. The information was collected as a Friends of St.Helens Cemetery project and is completely separate from the St.Helens data collected. The reason given why Newton has been done is explained in previous post. The St.Helens data was published on our website for anyone to use as will the Newton data be when its completed and published on the FOSC website. Its up to SHRoH or anyone else if they want to use the information in the Newton list.
  4. No. Doing these as FOSC group, as both cemeteries are now managed by St.Helens Council it was agreed that we include Newton in the project. As part of this years Heritage Open Days event will do a WW1/Military theme guided walk on Saturday 13th September at Newton Cemetery and similar at St.Helens on Sunday 14th September. Both walks prepared and presented by JK.
  5. Newton Cemetery list completed , 23 burials included in list..more than 60 with dedications in total.. just needs tidying up before its published.
  6. Has been done this year as part of the Friends of St.Helens Cemetery WW1 100 year anniversary project. Not published as data still being worked on and being used in this years projects.
  7. Yes, the last link. Completed because the cemetery is now managed by St. Helens Council. 23 WW1 on record, the rest are dedications on family headstones. Newton included because St.Helens and Newton Cemetry records are available on line on same site. Google 'St.Helens Cemetery records', find the Deceased search and put in your request. If the names recorded in one grave are all different and no record that it was 'purchased' it is likely that this is a public grave. There are nine sections of the St.Helens Cemetery which have large public grave areas. Newton also has a public grave area. The Newton list completes for now the project started 3 years ago to record all WW1 headstones /dedications. Newton has 23 'official' WW1 graves, the rest are dedications on family headstones. St.Helens has approx 195 'official' known WW1 graves , include the dedications and this number is close to 400.
  8. Have a similar list for Newton Cemetery (approx. 60 headstones - WW1 War Graves and headstones with dedications) Not on FOSC web site yet , is available if requested until then.
  9. All WW1 War Graves and headstones in St.Helens Cemetery with WW1 dedications from Section 1 to Section 49 are listed on The Friends of St.Helens Cemetery website. They total approx. 390 headstones. Similar list on St.Helens Rolls of Honour site.
  10. Second Lieutenant Robert Ian Alexander Hickes parents lived at Market Weighton, East Yorks He was 19 years old and died 30th August 1918.
  11. Blue balloons for Fathers Days on Sunday 15th June 2014. Hope to see you all there.
  12. Skyman, if you take a look at www.friendsofsthelenscemetery.co.uk you will see the remit and purpose of The Friends of St. Helens Cemetery. They are all volunteers and give their time freely, are not involved with any of the admin or setting of any charges by St.Helens Council and do not sit on any official forums which would discuss your particular query. The charges are determined by the Council. I think you should contact the Cemetery Manager to discuss your query, I know she is always willing to assist in any way she can. The swipe card system was set up several years ago ,one of the reasons being because of the considerable damage caused by inconsiderate drivers who destroyed grass verges and damaged grave areas. This still regularly happens even though traffic has been reduced by the card system and it shows how inconsiderate some car visitors are towards the majority of responsible drivers. Hope this does at least answer some of your query.
  13. The chap with the Handlebar moustache is Swasie Turner, a now retired police officer who lost his leg in the line of duty. Has written several books and is a well known public speaker. Has raised a million pounds for charity.
  14. Have posted this information on Friends of St. Helens Cemetery topic but , think it might also be appropriate on this topic also for people thinking of visiting some of the many 'open' places this weekend. The Friends of St. Helens Cemetery will be hosting guided walks in the cemetery during the Heritage Open Day weekend. Tours start at 10a.m. and 2p.m. on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th September. Meet at the crematorium chapel 10 minutes before the start of the tour. To book yourself on a tour call the cemetery office on 01744 677407 or email hello@friendsofsthelenscemetery.co.uk or via www.friendsofsthelenscemetery.co.uk
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