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  1. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Novel Number Six has now been written.

    I have spent much of the last six months completing my latest novel. So to add to One Winter, One Spring, One Summer, One Autumn and Two Seasons can now be added Three Good Years. The novel is set between 2006 and 2008 and continues on from where Two Seasons ends with that great cliff hanger. Among the chapter titles will be She's A Jehovah's Widnes, Minnie Cotton runs on to Station Road, Telling Stevo about Uno's Dabs, Lindsay's Pies Are Better Than Any Yorkshire Pies, What Are The Independents Independent Of, Your Mum grew up in Tiger Bay, The Church of the Everyday Saints and He's In St Helens Hospital. For those who have not yet been introduced to my Ashurst series, One Winter, One Autumn and Two Seasons are all in Wardleworths or available from London League Publications at www.llpshop.co.uk
  2. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Geoff Duke

    He used to live in Pike Place in Eccleston just opposite where two of my pals lived, the Barrow brothers.
  3. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Ray French

    I was lucky enough to sit next to Ray for three years when we both shared a desk at Knowsley Road school. We both became writers, we both still have a St Helens accent (even though I have lived in Yorkshire since 1972) and we both played rugby. He played rugby union for England, and rugby league for the Saints, Widnes and England and I played rugby union for the BI at Prescot!
  4. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Have just started writing my next novel.

    Just written chapter two and given it the title "It's Mint Imperial"
  5. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Have just started writing my next novel.

    I only write about what I know about personally or from well informed sources so all my novels are set in the past, "Two Seasons" for example was set in 2002 and 2003 and my latest starts in 2006.. If I were to write about rugby league being played on the moon in 2030 I would have to have visited the moon first which is something I do not intend to do. However I do write a lot about stars that have names like Ball, Parsons, Greenall, Murphy, Rhodes, Huddart, Roby, Lomax and Cunningham.
  6. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Have just started writing my next novel.

    Just over a year since my fifth novel "Two Seasons" with its background of work, family, old friends and rugby league was published, I have started writing the next in the series. It starts in 2006, may well stretch into 2008 and if it does, it will probably be called "Three Seasons" . The first chapter is titled "She's A Jehovah's Widnes" and one of my early story lines is based in Haydock. For those who have still not read any of my novels yet One Winter, One Autumn and Two Seasons are on sale in Wardleworths and at Langtree Park and are also available as E books through Amazon.
  7. All these firms would have needed electric power to operate. I am sure that at one time the town had its own power station. Where was it and when was it closed?i
  8. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Ray Gent and his latest book

    Ray Gent is well known as the co author in 2004 of the book "Rugby League In Its Own Words". This told the story of the history of Rugby League as though Rugby League was a real person. He has now used the same format to write "Football In Its Own Words". It is written as an E book and begins during the folk football era, reveals many fascinating stories from the past and how it developed from its upper class origins and its relationship with rugby league over the years. More details are available on his web site www.raygent.co.uk which he aims to update weekly.
  9. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Another nail in the coffin (W H Smiths)

    I am doing a book signing there on December 14th. They have never had that many, so mine will probably be the last. Most if not all of the firms that I worked at as a draughtsman have been closed down. Are they now going to start closing all the WH Smith's stores where I have 'worked'.
  10. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    A Two Seasonal Christmas present maybe.

    On Saturday 14th December I will be in WH Smith signing copies of my latest novel "Two Seasons". It is set again in my fictional town of Ashurst which is located somewhere 'near' to Collins Green, Earlestown, Newton le Willows, Haydock and Derbyshire Hill and with a background of work, family, old friends and rugby league. It will not be in their store until that day but for those wanting to do their Christmas shopping early, it is now on sale in Wardleworths, World Of Glass and Langtree Park. For those who don't live near it is also available from the publisher at www.llpshop.co.uk and also as an E book on Amazon. I don't know if there has been anything about the novel in the Star or the Reporter, maybe they are both waiting until it gets short listed for the Booker Prize.
  11. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Something of interest here in Leigh Library

    This coming Saturday (September 14th) I have been invited to give a talk about how I wrote my five novels (One Winter, One Spring, One Summer, One Autumn and most recently Two Seasons) in Leigh Library. The latest novel has a background of work, family, old friends and rugby league and is set in 2002 and 2003. I'll be giving advice and encouragement to people who may be thinking of doing something similar based on their own life and times and I'll also be reading extracts, mainly the humourous ones, from Two Seasons. Leigh library is right in the middle of the town, the event starts at 2 p.m. and admission is free. Two Seasons is now on sale at Wardleworths price just £9-95
  12. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    What Ray French said about "Two Seasons"

    Writing in this week's issue of League Weekly he said "Geoff's latest offering is a well knitted blend of fact and fiction, full of warmth and familiarity and involving story lines associated with the 13 a side code. Many readers, as I did, will have their memories stirred by the constant fusion of fact with fiction which so enhances the novel. For any rugby league fan, the book is a must for those wanting a pleasant, easy and heart warming read whether on holiday this summer, sitting in the garden or relaxing while travelling. And at certain stages in the story I guarantee you will say to yourself "I remember that" or even "That's me". And also just a reminder that I will be in Wardleworths on Saturday July 20th this year signing copies between 11 and 1.
  13. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    My novel "Two Seasons" is now out.

    Most of what I write is factual or nearly so. Pork and rhubarb pies are on sale in a shop just outside the bus station in Huddersfield and they are very nice..
  14. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    My novel "Two Seasons" is now out.

    I am delivering the first batch of copies to Wardleworth's tomorrow (July 1st) in the early afternoon. Hope there might be a small queue there ready to greet me!
  15. Knowsley Road schoolboy

    Your teachers,can you name 'em?Are they still with us?

    Knowsley Road teachers in the early post war period that I can remember were Mis Hotchkiss, Mrs Foster, Mrs Billingham (or Billington), Miss Fogo, Miss Travis and Joe Welsby. The headmistress was Miss Henty.

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