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  1. lynne addie

    Shoe shops

    I remember Fitzgerald's. My siste and I were allowed on the X-ray machine. I loved looking inside my feet.
  2. lynne addie

    byrom family

    I'm I'm NZ, my great great grandmother was Ellen Byrom, married James Wiseman in mid 1800s. Buried in St Helens cemetery. Byroms were an old Catholic family. There was an Edith Byrom who had a dress shop in St Helens. My grandfather was always proud of being a Byrom.
  3. lynne addie

    Byrom Family

    My great-great- grandmother was Ellen Byrom ( married James wiseman). But as a child I used to travel to ormskirk high school from st Helens. One of my friends was "David" who lived at the eagle and child (this would be late 1950s). My parents' occasionally socialized with David's parents. I can't remember the surname, but think it began with T. I have a photo of the old steps somewhere
  4. lynne addie

    Royal Oak Pub, Chancery Lane

    Yep tessmop, the great escape (of the elephant) wouldVe been early 60s. . The fair was like a little wonderland, all the light and music. And then mr whippy arriving at the circus and we had to send spot the dog home in thr back of of mr whippys van. And remembering kunzle cakes, ticker, dandelion and burdock. Wagon where's and yoyos, and kaylei sherbet. And old teddy Roberts shop, full of nic nacs, and a parrafin heater in the winter.
  5. lynne addie

    Esther Leyland

    Hello WRB, I think so.. My grt=grt granddad was james Wiseman, married Ellen Byrom about 1866. so the birthdate of 1846 would fit. I hadn't traced James' father's name, didn't know if his father would be James, William or John. My feeling is that the James and Mary would be his parents. I do know that there are Esthers in the family from way back. Are you related too? When I went to St Helens on a trip from New Zealand I went into the Bull's Head, strange to think that a relation was the landlady.
  6. lynne addie

    Royal Oak Pub, Chancery Lane

    I remember picking up soft tar from the street after it melted in the heat, (long, long ago, when we had Indian summers and deep snow in the winter) and my mum rubbing butter on my face to try to lift it off. Who was Paddy Sefty in real life? What could be nicer than a pendleton''s Twicer? Mr whippy. The bells of St Peter's. The swings. The institute. And the gas lamp outside it. And does anyone remember that big old house near the institute,, does anyone know anything about its history? I remember trying to peer in through the windows, we were terrified (but still went through with it) as we'd been told "witches" lived there. The bonfires. The fair. And once even an escaped elephant that was at Mounseys or Bridges gate in the opening on Parr Stocks. I remember X-raying my feet in Fitzgeralds shoe shop, I somehow got free rein once and had fun looking at the bones in my feet.. Probably got enough radiation to light up Fukushima. The sound of clogs. Catching tadpoles at the Mile Pit.
  7. lynne addie

    Esther Leyland

    My great-great grandfather was the James Wiseman mentioned. Esther was a family name further back.
  8. lynne addie

    Fay/Watt Family

    Teashop.. Are you on line now? Teashop?.. Sorry tessmop the predictive text thing changed your name and I didni see it until I'd hit send. Billy lives in Melbourne now, he's well and Adele is here in nz, her husband is a French winemaker and they make wine here. Their wine company is No1 family estate and it is on the Internet. I'm a sub editor with Fairfax, no kids, just animals -it's always been animals for me! I had a menagerie in st Helens. Yes, Billy the mynah bird was brilliant. Whenever he saw my dad he said "hello" in a lanccashire accent. And that wolf whistle!! Dad died in 1975 and mum in 78. Tessmop, were you at dalehead when my cat got lost? She must've got in a van or truck and ended up at Dalehead. My email is veralynne@xtra.co.nz Teashop!!! I'm going to have that predictive text turned off!
  9. lynne addie

    Fay/Watt Family

    Oh no, jing, I did a big reply and I think I've lost it!!! The gist of it was that I have a photo of William and hannah's grave in st Helens cemetery, I took it when I last visited Britain. I'm pretty sure I have a photo of Hannah taken in 1948 with her daughter, annie. I also have a photo of whom I think is William Hannah and her sister. The photos are not in my iPad but they in one of my other computers. I can email them to you if you would like them, my own email is veralynne@xtra.co.nz (note that there is no e in xtra). Patrick Fay was my granddad william wiseman's granddad, and granddad never mentioned him. Granddad and his daughter Brenda hated the Irish so I think Patrick must've done something vvveeeeeeerrrrrryyy bad! I was Lynne wiseman, my dad was Bill Wiseman, my grandparents were William (bill) and maud wiseman, and then I have William and Hannah Fay, then Williams dad James wiseman married to Ellen Byrom. Granddad's brothers were Ralph and Amos and his sisters were annie (officially also Hannah) and Elsie. Are you connected to Elsie. She married Fred nudge and went to live in paignton. I think their daughters were pat and do This is all va Very exciting jing!! Email me if you want me to email the photos. Looking forward to hearing from you again!
  10. lynne addie

    Fay/Watt Family

    Well hello cousin! In my message I kept saying Ellen had married William wiseman when I did of course mean Hannah married willliam. I do have a photo of the gravestone of William and hannah wiseman and somewhere there is a photo of hannah, my granddad's sister Annie and my mother, sitting on a park bench about 1948. I also have a photo of either William wiseman and Ellen Fay and her sister, but their dress seems earlier so it could be William wiseman's dad, James wiseman and Ellen Byrom and someone else, but I'm pretty sure it's William and hannah. If you are fom the south of England are you related to Elsie wiseman who was my grad dad's sister, she married uncle Fred mudge and they lived in paignton. My sister and I stayed with them in the early 1960s. I think their daughters were my dad 's cousins Do and pat. I hope i' m not getting too confusing here! I don't have the photos on my iPad but they are on my other computers and I'd be happy to email them to you My own email is veralynne@xtra.co.nz (no e in xtra). I took the photo of hannah and william wiseman's grave when I last visited st Helens about 8 years ago. I know that Patrick Fay disappers, but poor Ellen ended up in a paupers grave in st Helens. Thank you so much for filling in the watt sisters mystery, they should be easy to track. There is another mystery in that my grandfather, william wiseman, son of wm and hannah, hated the Irish ad so did his daughter , my aunt Brenda ( who married a GI and went to the states). I often wonder if Patrick did something really bad, leading to Ellen ending up in the paupers grave. I have the grave numbers noted down as well. So, jing, I wonder what we'll be able to come up with!!!
  11. lynne addie

    Fay/Watt Family

    My great grandmother was Ellen Fay, she married William wiseman in st Helens. I think she had a brother and a sister. Her mother was Ellen Gabriel, born in Scotland. Ellen gabriel married Patrick Fay, born in Ireland. Both Ellen Fay and Ellen wiseman are in st Helens cemetery. My grandfather told me that two brothers in the family married two sisters, the girls had the surname Watt. Is this any help? Lynne (new Zealand) Ps, jing, the 1863 dates correspond with my dates.
  12. am seeking info about William Wiseman, married Hannah Fay in St Helens about 1880s, James Wiseman married Ellen Byrom about 1870s, also George Bach, married Mary Ann Roughley about 1880s, also George Townsend Bach, died in 1907 or 1902, aged about 74. Help would be appreciated, thanks, Lynne Addie
  13. lynne addie

    St Anne's Church.

    Does anyone remember Brother Hilarion of St Anne's? He was a Passionist monk there. He died in 1966
  14. lynne addie


    Stocks.. that will be Parr Stocks Rd. Bulls Head pub is on the corner. I think that as a child in 1950s I saw stock at the bus stop by the pub, but there again, it could be a flight of fantasy! Maybe someone from Parr, St Helens, may be able to let us know if that is indeed where the stocks of Parr stocks were.

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