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  1. Hall St Church St Ormskirt St Tonetine St Eccleston Hill and Prescot are the only burial grounds before 1857 so that shoud narrow your search down The records for Church St Parish Church The non com Ormskirck St and St Mary Prescot records are avalible
  2. Well after six years hard work by the team we have been nominated and short listed for the Pride of St Helens ( unsung Heroes ) so a big thank you all that voted for us and a big thank you to the team
  3. I will put a photo on St Helens Connect Face Book added 12 minutes later Done
  4. Frank if you go to the cemetery then make your way to the chapel turn your back to the chapel and take the path to your right follow that path till you come to a fork take the left hand one and walk to the next junction on your right is sect 19 and in front right is sect 31 turn right and the grave you are looking for is on your left 23 graves up. if you can not find it you could come to the Chantry on Sat or Sun I will show you the grave hope this helps
  5. I have most of the records but not all about 100 years are missing we are working on restoring the grave stones and lifting cleaning and documenting all the graves you can see what we are doing on Facebook (Chantry St Helens)
  6. Mary Oxendale is buried in the Chantry on the 23/1/1852
  7. Do you know his Mother and fathers name was he married if so what was his wife's name I may be able to find some info on them
  8. I have been working on St Mary graveyard for the last few years trying to put the graves and gravestone in some kind of order I have a William (Hayledon) died 15/10/1895 age 27 years Abode Whiston Union as yet I have not found a grave but I will keep looking
  9. While doing research on the burials i came across this Rachel HARDMAN died 10/6/1849 at the Providance Hospital. Do's anyone know where this was as George St did not open until 1882?
  10. They are from the data that i have where they are buried we have not yet found them.
  11. We have finished all the soldiers graves I have posted photo's you can see them on Face Book. St Helens Connect or Chantry St Helens
  12. I have found these they may be related 12/9/1899 Henry age 10 Mth. 20/7/1912 Ann age 18 Mth. H 28/9/1914. 4/7/1919 James age 81. 11/10/1920 Alfred age 48. and 25/8/1999 Vera age 70. as yet I have not found there burial plots but I am still working on them
  13. He his buried in the New Sect I think I have a photo in my files I will have a look for it and post there is also a John Richard buried in the same grave. age 12 mth date 5/9/1912
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