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  1. A few years ago I was asked to do a survey on the graveyard there is about 9ooo buried there and there as been not been any removels
  2. Thomas's father was William Mother was Margaret Twist
  3. Are you on the Anders side or Margery's if you are on the Anders side then your Ancestors came from Sweden in the English civil war and Jo the father of Petter was left behind at the battle of Redbank.
  4. If Margery married a Thomas ANDERS then I have tried to link her to Albert but no luck,
  5. That was her she was a language teacher
  6. I remember her being on the large size maybe Christine mite put a name to her
  7. The Stable block was on Bishop Rd on the corner of Bishop Rd and ( iam having a senior moment I can not think of the name ) it was the next Ave up from Windlehurst Ave. the lady who lived there was a teacher at Cowley School
  8. It was the Gate House to the Gamble estate there was one in Bishop Rd also, Bishop Rd was the boundary between the Gamble and the Ansdel estates
  9. If you had have looked in the shop it is empty went there last week and it was all shut up
  10. There was 7 pools at the back of the Grotto And the Alligator was called Joey
  11. I know it is a bit late but Sister Duffy
  12. Oh Sorry I do make mistakes once every 20 years or so, So this must be the 20th year Mean white I am working on John Anders I have 7 that it could me I will get back to you when I have sorted it
  13. Peter Anders (506) Married Martha Alice Baker A506) They had a Son Peter (793) born 21/1/1897 He Peter (793) Married Edith A Risley (A793) on the 12/9/1915 at Parish Church Peter (793 and Edith A (A973) had two children Twins Born 1/3/1916 Charles Edward (1893) Died 16/6/1923 and is buried Sect 4 Grave 55 This grave belongs the Risley I can not find Ellen the other Twin she may have been brought up by the Risley family The No's are my I.D. Nos
  14. I have all the Marriage details. The Grave that Charles is in is the Risley Grave.. Risley is one of Dav Risley's
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