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  1. Dicky D

    Tonight's Grand Final

    Couldn't bring myself to watch it Alan.
  2. Just read on Bobby Goulding's FB page that Roy Haggerty has passed away. Gutted!
  3. Stirling perfected his diving while he was at Liverpool. I saw him doing it at the Saints stadium when the Liverpool youth team played Man U. Connor Codey from Haydock was the captain. Connor moved on and is now with Wolves but I heard that Newcastle have been looking at him.
  4. I grew up in Thatto Heath but had cousins in Rainhill and spent a lot of my youth around Jukes Clough and on top of Cronton Colliery's waste tip trying to look into the nearby nusist camp. lol.
  5. Bollocks Hort. Sour grapes come to mind. Hull FC were the best team on the park all afternoon. There were a few dodgy decisions by the ref towards both teams which evened things out but as they say: the best team won on the day and Sneyd well deserved the Lance Todd trophy.
  6. Dicky D

    Rangi Chase

    Saints new signing Ben Barba got a 12 match ban for testing positive for cocaine. Looking forward to his first game at home against the old enemy. added 2 minutes later What really peed my off about Chase, ( a foreigner) was when he was picked for England in front of Leed's Bob Burrows, (an Englishman) who was really playing well at the time.
  7. Its funny that because my Father-in-law was born in Chancery Lane and made many references to the mile pit. It took me some time to find out it was the marl pit. Lol.
  8. Alan as I said earlier I've lived in the Thatto Heath area most of my life. Close Street which is the entrance to the Thatto Heath Crusaders ARLC and also the Clegg was part of my paper round when I was 14. I delivered for Sammy Taylor who's newsagents stood where Thatto Heath Labour Club car park is now. In those days the area under discussion was not called the Clegg at all. The clayhole was still producing for Roughdale's on Eltonhead Road. I never heard the name Clegg uttered until we moved back up there in 1982 and my lad when asked where had he been said that he had been playing over the Clegg. At the time I just thought it was some queer corruption of clayhole like we used to call the recreation ground at Rainhill 'the wreck'.
  9. Some years ago whilst doing some research on the area I read that nuns used to live in that house. Not being my line of research I didn't pay much attention.
  10. When the clayhole was eventually filled in and stabilized for a housing estate one part of the site was given over to open space and I think the council took over the responsibility as part of parks and open spaces. A small lake was created with a depth of about 8ft. As the lake had no water inlet, (or outlet), rainwater was the only source. Timber fishing platforms were installed but gradually the water level fell and the platforms no longer viable became vandalized burned and eventually disappeared. After the drowning of the teenage boy about ten years ago the water level was lowered still more and is now about 5ft at its deepest. It is free fishing, although the Environmental agency visited about 3 years ago and slapped fixed penalties on half a dozen anglers for not having a rod licence. Incidentally, It is the whole area which is known as the Clegg not just the lake. I have lived in the Thatto Heath area all of my life and have lived 100 yards away from the Clegg for 33 years so know the area well.
  11. We had a cat's rescue charity shop in Thatto Heath. I know for a fact that the married couple made a good living out of it and made a nominal donation to a cat's home in Southport. I take most of my stuff down to the Willowbrook warehouse in Sutton and some of it goes to the Oxfam shop in Prescot.
  12. Does anyone still use the word 'slope' as in: you've been sloped, (Swindled) or: 'he's just sloped off', sneaked away?
  13. Last time I was able to look through the grating before the hedge grew tall I was able to see down the well and it wasn't filled in then.
  14. Mother's was 2250. It was also her nom de plume at our local illegal back street betting shop.
  15. Jeff I was about to ask 'were there many Wigan walkers at 8 minutes to go'.
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