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  1. Can you pm me with your email address if that's ok with you I will send mine so you know not to spam it.
  2. I am reg with FMP but cant find him ? Ah was he born 1902 ? If you let me know, which ones you want will save them for you as he appears on the 1939 Reg if its the same one ? Margie
  3. added 1 minute later Thanks everyone for all your help will get back later to what we think is the answer. Margie
  4. I have received a PDF birth cert for the following child: Joseph Campbell born 10.4.1876 27 Church Street St.Helens (did this house actually exist) The birth was reg 29 days after the birth Parents names are John Campbell Solicitors Clerk & Elizabeth Ann Campbell nee Bonney I cannot find a marriage for the above couple Would the father have to be present when the child was reg ? Would appreciate any help Thanks Margie
  5. I am researching my Mannion/Galvin family in 1871/1872 a Rachel Hyghock/Hiecock , was the godparent for the Patrick Mannion/Mary Galvins children at St Annes in Sutton both born c 1844, Patrick in Ireland Mary in St.Helen's cant find any connection to Rachel at all anywhere can anyone help please. Thanks Margie.
  6. chm, If you can give me the names you are looking for will have a look for you as I have quite a few CDs for the Catholic Churches in St.Helens Margie
  7. I cant find a marriage for the couple, however it would be highly unlikely in the 1870,s that a priest would Baptize a child if the parents weren't married , I know it happens today. Do you have any certificates for the family, with so many variations of the surname Melia its going to be very difficult to trace your family back to Ireland. Yes found William & Margaret on the 1861 Census with the 2 children Catherine & Thomas, will have a look for the mothers maiden name later on today. Margie
  8. The only Baptism at St.Annes RC Church is for William born 25.2.1872 Baptized 7.3.1872 Catherine's maiden name Melia they were living at Burtonwood G.Mother Anna O Brian. Do you have any census records for the family as I can only find them in 1871 in Burtonwood might not be yours as the children listed are Kate 12, Thomas 10, John 4, and Mary 1. Margie added 1 minute later For Hiss, Most RC Records for St.Helens are not on line, if you can give me the names you are looking for will try and help you. Margie
  9. Hi, There are 7 Baptisms for Kerrigan at St.Annes. The parents are Thomas & Catherine (nee Leanard) William & Catherine (nee Melia) William & Catherine (nee Toohey) If any of these are yours let me know, then I can send the Baptisms to you. Margie
  10. What a find brilliant maps keep me busy looking for all the old places. Thanks Margie
  11. R.I.P Lee200 condolences to his family he will be missed very much on this site. Margie
  12. Thanks Hort, These are new to me, as my Bonney's came from St,Helens we must have a connection to them will have to try and get more information about them as to the names of the Bonney's who owned them any help would be appreciated. Margie.
  13. Bonney's crisps and Bonney's Engineering what timescale are we looking at ? Thanks Margie
  14. Would anyone be able to look for a Baptism for the following please. Mary Bonney born 1830/1832. ( This is not the Mary who was born 1828) Parents: William Bonney & Jane ? Thanks Margie
  15. I have 2 pages from the 1939 Register: Joseph Street Sutton numbers 10 to 34. Chapel Street numbers 63 to 77, If anyone would like a copy please pm with your email address. Thanks Margie
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