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  1. He felt very passionate about getting it done - Mithered everybody
  2. Its my husband who has organised for the plaque to be restored. He's the middle one in the Star photo shaking hands with the stone mason. The Echo photo has some of the R A Association members on it.
  3. Le200 Ive just read some of this to Hubby & he said the furnace was the original heating system. They used to put coal in it to get the place boiling hot. He said everytime someone walked past it they shoved a shovel full of coal on it. By the time it was home time the radiators were mad hot !! He could tell you some stories about this place!! If anybody is interested in going the RA association have a meeting in Crab street on the 2nd Thursday of the month.
  4. Thanks very much Kneeshin. It was puzzling us being down as 0 months.
  5. Tulip

    St Helens Rolls of Honour.

    No Phyll I've not found anything else out yet. Sad that he died at only age 18 though - just a baby!
  6. Tulip

    St Helens Rolls of Honour.

    Thanks. Yes Phyll I think his dad was away at war as well. Only found out yesterday when I looked in the Absent Voters List while trying to check how long they had lived in their house.
  7. Tulip

    St Helens Rolls of Honour.

    A Grand Uncle of mine is on the Roll of Honour site - he died age 18. It seems the notification was sent to his mother only although his father was still alive. Any one have any ideas why his father wasnt included?
  8. 10 November is on a Saturday not Friday
  9. Tulip

    Anyone got Sutton Marriages

    It looks as though it might have been a Catholic marriage - or a register office. On LancsBMD RATCLIFFE William HOWARD Catherine Prescot Register Office or Registrar Attended Prescot
  10. Kneeshin, Have you seen these old St Helens Photos that I have put on Photobucket http://s200.photobucket.com/albums/aa291/linda555_2007/
  11. Tulip

    The Chinese Buffet?

    My stepson went & didn't think much of it. They only had the starter & then left & went to find somewhere else. No idea what was up with it though
  12. I was about 15. Got a pair of brown 2 1/2 inch heels from Stead & Simpson. they cost 49/11 (1965) I thought I was the bees knees in them Later I got a pair of white & pale blue ones with a 3 inch heel which I later dyed black. Trouble was I went to a show of some sort in a field wearing them & kept sinking in the grass. The shoes ended up black with white heels where the dye had rubbed off
  13. Tulip

    Bridge St & Covered Market

    When Fine Fare first opened I went in for a look round but I was so skint & I didn't like to come out without buying anything ( I was very shy then!!) so I bought a small tub of Cottage Cheese & queued up for ages to pay for it.
  14. Tulip

    Eccleston St. Thomas

    Lan Opc have today put some more records on Marriages & burials. http://www.lan-opc.org.uk/St-Helens/stthomas/index.html
  15. Tulip


    I'll get back to you tomorrow on this. (bit late now) It is the same family as mine. Some of the Vass's ended up in Australia - my 2nd cousin

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