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  1. Not to my knowledge,but we are in the right forum to maybe prove otherwise. P.S What's or where is Laffak ?
  2. May i start by wishing everybody a happy new year ! Iam trying to locate as much information as possible on a Margaret Anderton born circa 1822 in the St Helens area. In particular if possible would like to know where she was born/christened, parents names etc Regards Mike
  3. Thanks very much for that Welshberry,i will give it a whirl Regards Mike
  4. Hi Su, Sorry about the late reply but i didn't know there had been any futher reply. Thanks again Mike
  5. Thank you for that reply,do you know what times the library are open ? Also do you know the address and the best way to get there, say from the ASDA as this is about the only place i know in the area. Thanks again Mike
  6. Hi su Does your data base include marriages ?If so would it be possible to locate any Mercer/Naylor marriages that would fall into the timescale i'm looking for Regards Mike Reynolds
  7. John Reynolds & Catherine Flannagin married at St Marys Lowe House RC on the 4/12/1845. Could any kind person tell me of any records of any Births/Christenings that resulted from this couple.I know of one child,Michael,born in ?? 15th march 1847,would love to know more details of this and any records any other births or deaths etc. Thank you Mike Reynolds
  8. thank you very much for that,do you know where i could view the church records Regards Mike
  9. Thank you very much for that Lookup,where would it be best for me to view the record of this Regards Mike
  10. Hope somebody can help me please,i am trying to find any records of the marriage of John Reynolds and Catherine Flannagin on 4/12/1845.At this time John Reynolds is living at Smithy Brow,Windle, and Catherine in Sutton.The witnesses at the wedding are John Murray and ? Judith Cummins.The marriage was at "THE CATHOLIC CHAPEL" in the district of Prescot. I am Also interested in any records of any births from this marriage,in particular Michael Reynolds born 15/03/1847,at this time they were living at Worsley Brow, Sutton. I would also be very interested in any other records,census records etc relating to these individuals either prior to their marriage or indeed since the marriage. Happy New Year to all Mike Reynolds
  11. Looking to find the birth/christening of a Henry (Mercer) Naylor in about 1843. according to 1881 census his birth place is given as Rainhill and age is 38. The middle name of Mercer is unusual,so would possibly of been his mothers name,therefore would like to know of any Naylor-Mercer marriages around this time. I know that Henry Mercer Naylor married a Martha Naylor in 1872,the marriage registered in the March qtr.Henry would be about 29 and Martha about 27, the marriage being registered in Prescot.On the 1881 census Martha's birthplace is given as Sutton.Would like to Know of any Parish records etc relating to this marriage.The ages appear at the marriage appear to be above average for a first marriage,i wonder if therefore they are second marriages. Any help with regard to the above would be gratefully appreciated. Best Wishes & Happy New Year to you all . Mike Reynolds
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