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  1. Mark, I have Emailed the CWGC about the mistakes, you mentioned the local paper records, are they held in the library ? The memorial stone is at St, Nicholas Church Sutton, so i would presume that he is there, rather than the cemetery. Thanks for the help.
  2. Hi, All this started when looking for my Grandfather and Grandmother's grave at St Nicholas church Sutton, instead of a family headstone there was a soldiers war memorial, for J. Critchley, 241027, South Lancashire Regiment, died 7th December 1917 Age 23.. Then started my task to find out more, I found the information from CWGC. name was James Critchley. Only it could not be James he was far too young, it had to be Joseph Critchley, [also he was about the correct age,] I thought I would purchase a death certificate, I have tried nearly every site I can find to get the correct page/volume No. [Weeks later still searching.] Don't really know if they issued them, and also is he actually in the grave? Any way found out the medal index card record existed, I obtained it to satisfy myself that it was Joseph Critchley, Sure enough it was him, but the card has D of W. 7.2.17. Would you think that's when he died? Or would he have come home injured, and died on the 7.12.1917. As inscribed on the head stone. And surely there would have been a death certificate, or could the inscription on the head stone be incorrect? So really I am trying to find out more information about a relative that I didn't know fought, and died in the First World War. My family and I would truly like to honour him. Thanks, pharaoh
  3. Thanks, I have been trying to obtain a death cert for him, would a cert be issued if he died in France ? and if he was buried in St. Helens would it have been issued here? Thanks.
  4. Hi, I have a medal index card for WW1, and in the remarks section, is this D of W 17.2.17 any idea what this could relate too. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have just found a relatives first world war grave stone,at St, Nicholas church, does that confirm that he is actually buried there.? Checked the CWGC, and that gives me the information about the church, but i cant seem to find a death cert. for him. Thanks.
  6. Looking for Joseph Critchley, died 1917 age 64-65, i have looked at Cemetery records, no luck. Any help thanks.
  7. Looking for information or photos of this area, as i cant find it on any maps even though its listed in 1881, Critchley's lived here at No 5 . Thanks.
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