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  1. Many thanks for that RATTY. added 3 minutes later Hi RATTY i forgot to add that i would really appreciate the information on the Crosses which you have.
  2. Hi Ratty, Do you have a Mary Jane Cross died 1960's. I have been try to find were she was buried for a long time without success.
  3. I am pretty sure that was the one where the man was killed as i think it was the only chinese restaurant in St Helens at the time.
  4. A Schooner is a measure of beer in Oz especially in NSW. It's smaller than a pint, 450ml vs 570ml.
  5. For my first year at the school we had to go to Merton Bank School for Rugby & Football
  6. I also remember it just. I was at Laffack School and we all walked to the East Lanc. Rd. junction at Carr Mill to watch them drive past. Along wait for a small glimpse but still a locked in memory.
  7. It had a stone plaque with AD 1861 on the front so I presume that was when it was built or officially opened.
  8. I think the Pennine Laundry was one block further down - corner of New Cross St & Duke St.
  9. Anybody remember a children's TV programme in late 50's called Gary Halliday. He was an airline pilot who had several encounters on his trips with his enemy "The Voice". A bit of a topical subject at the moment!
  10. Anybody remember Raymond Francis in No Hiding Place - Police series of the 1950's?
  11. Mr Anders went on to teach Maths at the Tech College. I think "Sid" Griggs also taught history. Taylor 1 was Ralph And Taylor 2 was Peter. I believe Mr Thackery retired after appearing in court. Mr Brookfield also taught art.
  12. Does anybody remember Roy Woods - sports teacher at Central Modern in mid 60's. Any idea where he went next if anywhere?
  13. Can't remember any names but the earliest ones I remember was on at the bottom of Church street opposite the Army and Navy stores and one down Corporation street up from the Hippodrome.
  14. Has anyone mentioned Mr Brookfield - had a yellow ford Anglia. Mt Tockle - art.
  15. Other shops at Haresfinch were Ashton's grocers and post office. A hairdressers also opened in the front of the house attached to Ashton's. There was also a grocers shop across the road from the Coop. Can't remember the name but I think that it closed in the mid 60s.
  16. Can anyone remember what the one at the top of Woodads Rd was called? Just past St Peter & Paul's church on the opposite side. I am talking about the early 1950s.
  17. Re Vicar of St Mark North Road there is a full list up to 1978 here: http://www.stmarkschurch-sthelens.org.uk/ Follow the links on left side: Parish Information - History and there is a link to PARISHOFSTMARKS-Centen which opens a .pdf - the first page gives a list of Vicars.
  18. I think the name of the vicar at St Marks in the 60's was Bracewell
  19. When I was at CM (early 60's) Peter Taylor taught Geography and Ralph Music.
  20. Others I remember: Highway Patrol - Broderick Crawford Sea Hunt - Lioyd Bridges Gun Law - James Arness Rin Tin Tin - ? Emergency Ward 10 - ? I Love Lucy - Lucille Ball & Desi Arnez
  21. I attended Central Modrn in the 60's but I can't remember any memorial or plaque but this dosn't mean there wasn't one. I remember seeing a photo on this sire of WW1 soldiers parading in the playground before being despatched to the front so there must have been some link to the army which may have resulted in a memorial.
  22. I used to go to Sunday School ther in the 1950's it was actually on Derwent Rd which runs between Woodlands Rd & Geeen Leach Lane.
  23. I you mean Green Leach Lane which shows up on the link. It is some years since I lived in St Helens but I was there a couple of years ago and it is certainly still there. Runs from Haresfinch to East Lancs road (A570).
  24. Remember the name but can't put a face to it. Was she a tall thin woman with short straight brown hair?
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