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  1. Duffle coats made a comeback a few years ago. You can still buy one but certainly not as popular as in the '60's.
  2. The original Tyrer's store was lower down Liverpool road past Case Brothers the shop sell ex war department bit & pieces. I remember a pub called The Float in the late 60's which was near the Dingle car spares shop area. Not sure if they were both there at the same time.
  3. The term shop referring to a particular work area is just an abbreviation of Workshop
  4. I agree but that would be too sensible for the RFL. Who has ever heard of a sport in which the dominant team in a league is crowned as the champions😂.
  5. It was good to see England won but I cant understand the mentality of whoever prepared that pitch for a world cup final. I like to see batmen play shots and bowlers take wickets with intelligent bowling. Maybe the groundsman thought he was preparing a pitch to suit India or Pakistan.
  6. Sorry if i caused any offence Ratty.😉
  7. Ratty was a great help when i was trying to do this. Following up on his information I eventually went to the vicarage on one of my visits to St Helens. The lady there (i presume the Vicar's wife) allowed me to look at the old burial records plot plan and i eventually found the grave. Good look with your quest.
  8. Many thanks for that RATTY. added 3 minutes later Hi RATTY i forgot to add that i would really appreciate the information on the Crosses which you have.
  9. Hi Ratty, Do you have a Mary Jane Cross died 1960's. I have been try to find were she was buried for a long time without success.
  10. I am pretty sure that was the one where the man was killed as i think it was the only chinese restaurant in St Helens at the time.
  11. A Schooner is a measure of beer in Oz especially in NSW. It's smaller than a pint, 450ml vs 570ml.
  12. For my first year at the school we had to go to Merton Bank School for Rugby & Football
  13. I also remember it just. I was at Laffack School and we all walked to the East Lanc. Rd. junction at Carr Mill to watch them drive past. Along wait for a small glimpse but still a locked in memory.
  14. It had a stone plaque with AD 1861 on the front so I presume that was when it was built or officially opened.
  15. I think the Pennine Laundry was one block further down - corner of New Cross St & Duke St.
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