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  1. Many thanks for that RATTY. added 3 minutes later Hi RATTY i forgot to add that i would really appreciate the information on the Crosses which you have.
  2. Hi Ratty, Do you have a Mary Jane Cross died 1960's. I have been try to find were she was buried for a long time without success.
  3. I am pretty sure that was the one where the man was killed as i think it was the only chinese restaurant in St Helens at the time.
  4. A Schooner is a measure of beer in Oz especially in NSW. It's smaller than a pint, 450ml vs 570ml.
  5. For my first year at the school we had to go to Merton Bank School for Rugby & Football
  6. I also remember it just. I was at Laffack School and we all walked to the East Lanc. Rd. junction at Carr Mill to watch them drive past. Along wait for a small glimpse but still a locked in memory.
  7. It had a stone plaque with AD 1861 on the front so I presume that was when it was built or officially opened.
  8. I think the Pennine Laundry was one block further down - corner of New Cross St & Duke St.
  9. Anybody remember a children's TV programme in late 50's called Gary Halliday. He was an airline pilot who had several encounters on his trips with his enemy "The Voice". A bit of a topical subject at the moment!
  10. Anybody remember Raymond Francis in No Hiding Place - Police series of the 1950's?
  11. Mr Anders went on to teach Maths at the Tech College. I think "Sid" Griggs also taught history. Taylor 1 was Ralph And Taylor 2 was Peter. I believe Mr Thackery retired after appearing in court. Mr Brookfield also taught art.
  12. Does anybody remember Roy Woods - sports teacher at Central Modern in mid 60's. Any idea where he went next if anywhere?
  13. Can't remember any names but the earliest ones I remember was on at the bottom of Church street opposite the Army and Navy stores and one down Corporation street up from the Hippodrome.
  14. Has anyone mentioned Mr Brookfield - had a yellow ford Anglia. Mt Tockle - art.
  15. Other shops at Haresfinch were Ashton's grocers and post office. A hairdressers also opened in the front of the house attached to Ashton's. There was also a grocers shop across the road from the Coop. Can't remember the name but I think that it closed in the mid 60s.
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