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  1. Can anyone with more knowledge of St Helens offer any help please ? Recently got hold of document from Sherdley Hall Estates. Document refers to lease of a piece of land conmmonly known ( quoted from document) as 'Widdowswarth ' or 'Widdowsworth' ( sorry but I can't quite decipher if its a or o). Does anyone know the area to which it refers - I know it was a long time ago -1800. I ' ve tried to locate it on old maps but without success. Any help would be gratefully appreciated Cheers . All the best Bill
  2. Ciders, Cheers for all the information. It helps me to build up some kind of background. Your help is very much appreciated Bill
  3. Jill, Thanks for the reply , do you know how far the Sherdley estates went ? Were they restricted to St. Helens or extend outwards towards West Derby and Liverpool ? Thanks for any more info. that you might have bill
  4. During research I came across reference to SherdleyHall Estates. It was in connection to a lease being granted in West Derby in 1790. Can anyone help please with the location of Sherdley Hall. I don't come from St Helens but have heard of Sherdley Park. Is it the same location ? or is it in the vicinity ? Many thanks for any help that is given Cheers bill
  5. Val Any chance that you can do a look up for Alice Hutton born around 1824 in Eccleston. I think her dad was John, a blacksmith. All later census returns give her place of birth as Prescot or Eccleston. I'm not sure which one is the dfinitive one. I'm trying to find out where the family lived in her early years. Thank you for any help that you can give Cheers billb
  6. Recently got hold of a marriage certificate of one of my descendants - Ralph Boardman who married Alice Hutton on 1/2/1844. Trying to interpret places of residence at time of marriage - certificate not easy to read but look something like Plumbe UB or UD & Prusia UB or UD. Does this make any sense it anyone ? Does anyone know of any localities that they might be ? I know that Ralph was born in West Derby and Alice in Prescot Can anyone help ? If you can it would be gratefully appreciated
  7. Trying to trace burial records for Ralph Boardman who lived in Windle ( Windle Smythies to be exact) but died sometime between 1851 and 1861. Maybe a possibility that he was buried in local cemetry. Can anyone tell me if burials in St Helens cemetry near Windle go back that far ? If they do, are there any records available in some location to assist in the search ? Any help from whatever source would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks in advance
  8. Lankylad, Thanks again for the info. regarding Ralph Boardman. Spent lot of time & managed to trace records for his marriage and the children. Any way that you could help again ? You mentioned that Ralph was the son of William & Sarah. Do you have any info about which William this is ?( lot around at that time in same area) Also you mentioned that William & Sarah had other children. Do you know their names? If you could help that would be great All the best for the New Year Billb
  9. Thanks for the reply about Ralph Boardman. Everything does tie in with the info. already obtained. Anyway, thanks again. billb
  10. Any chance of finding info about Boardman family living in windle area 1850's. There was Ralph and his wife alice. had a son Henry in 1854 at Windle smithyes Many thanks
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