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  1. Hi My grandmother was Mary Ann Caffery from the green bank area. She married Patrick Purcell at Sacred Heart Church. Don't really know much more.
  2. Does anyone remember Wilfred Oldham who lived on Croppers Hill Prescot Rd in the 1960's. He turned his front room into a workshop to mend shoes.
  3. Bentley belongs to Ian Pickavance ex Saints player.
  4. kevin

    Tough guy

    He was a young black guy, don't know the name of his gang.
  5. kevin

    Tough guy

    Does anyone remember a lad called "Randy" back in the 60's. He used to lead a gang causing havoc around town.
  6. Went Grange Park 1963/68. Mr Helsby was the biggest bastard on two legs. Good job I didn't meet him as an adult.
  7. Former Sacred Heart priest Fr Murphy sentenced to 3ys jail at Liverpool Crown Court today for historic sexual assault.
  8. Does anyone know what happened to Kenny Weathers soul singer who used to work the clubs a few years ago. Is he related to the girl off X Factor.
  9. Just been ripped off by Polar Ford again. They had my Fiesta from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm for a service / MOT. kept phoning throughout the day seeking authorisation for other jobs. Finally got the cat back to see that they had charged for un autorised work, Wiper blades at £27. Will be complaining to head office tomorrow.
  10. HORT I went to Grange Park just after you. One teacher I still hate to this very day was Helsby a real nasty piece of work. Probably dead by now.
  11. The chines laundry in North rd was run by Charlie Chann's mum and dad. Charlie now owns Mr Channs in North Rd. By the way The Incas lead guitarist Terr Broughton is a lecturer in radio production at the St Helens College.
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