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  1. I use to have saturday job there when i was younger me and my mate we got £3 each plus any money found and all the pop and crisps we could eat..happy times
  2. Hi Phyll The baby was never registered, i have checked from 1940 to 1970 and nothing about your baby sister sorry i could'nt find her for you, i even double checked Sorry again Phyll kerrie
  3. Hi Phyll The baby was never registered, i have checked from 1940 to 1970 and nothing about your baby sister sorry i could'nt find her for you, i even double checked Sorry again Phyll kerrie
  4. Hi Phyll Got your email will email you as soon as i have been to the registry office, Are you sure it was when they where married and not just before they got married, I had a similar problem and it turned out it was 3 years before they where married ... it's just a thought Kerrie
  5. I could do it for you handwrite everything and email you what i find cause i am going to do my family a few more names wont hurt
  6. Hi Phyll Dont know if you know this but St Helens registry office allow you to search their indexs for a fee of £18 you can search for up to 6 hours for that price. Kerrie
  7. YOU ARE ALL STARS VERY BIG STARS..THANKS YOU SO MUCH Lankylad ----- nice to hear from you again
  8. Thanks to Paula Ratty and Phyll..In st helens cemetry you will find in grave 33-543 my great great uncle John Sephton buried 11 jan 1951 and his son John buried 7 nov 1961 also baby Julie Taylor buried 10 Nov 1965 only 3 days old so with this i went to Ancestry and did a search and found her mothers maiden name was Sephton so i did another search this time for a marriage between Taylor and Sephton but came across quite a few, so the brick wall was up and now cant get past it..So if the baby mother is a Sephton which Sephton did she come from. My first guess was that she was a descendant of John buried 1951 but cant find anything out.. Thanks in adavnce for any help Kerrie
  9. Hi Gilly.. Thanks for the reply but I have done your suggestions, The person in question died when she was 3 days old in 1965, I guess the only options i have now is to keep trying to figure this out or go St Helens library Thanks again Kerrie
  10. Hi All.. Just a quick question..I have a find a family grave and there are 2 people in there that i can only part trace has in the mothers maiden name and thats it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find out more or how to find out how they are related to this side of my family Thanks in advance Kerrie
  11. winnie


    Hi to all.. Just a message to say thank you so much for all who helped with the Manley family it is gratefully recieved Kerrie
  12. Hello All.. I am trying to locate James Manley born about 1887 in St Helens he married Bridget McLoughlin in 1913, She was born in 1891. Their address is unknown they did have 13 children Patrick James Bridget James Michael Michael John John Anthony Francis William Edward gerald Bernard Anthony Vincent Gerrad Thomas Edward he died in world war 2 his body was never located plus 2 other children who died young their names are unknown at present they were both male has far as i know at this time Any information is greatly recieved no matter how small Thanks in advance Kerrie
  13. Hi Marie.. It is now confirmed that our Kilshaw's are the of the same, But not through the previous ones, I have just located Adam knowles my 3rd great grandfathers wifes name who is Ann Kilshaw who is your Thomas's sister, Hope this helps. Oh Ann Kilshaw's father and mother were James Kilshaw and jane from Winnie
  14. Hi All Could any one tell me if St Jospeh's is still there ? Winnie
  15. Hi Lyn.. Dont know if this is any help to you, William Knowles born 1828 in St Helens married Ann Smith born 1830 in Warrington and died 20Aug 1888 They were married 18 Feb 1849. The only children i can find are as follows.. William born 1850 died 8th Apr 1933 James born 1851 married Elizabeth Leach born 1854 in Haydock. They married on 5th may 1875 in Haydock they had 1 child Samuel born 11 June 1874 in Haydock.. Hope this hepls Kerrie
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