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  1. AS I started in 1965.The various companies over the years before Alkathene and polythene were used.. Clay Cross,Turners Asbestos were used.ROCLA that used to be in Watery Lane.We got hundreds of pipe invoices for all sizes!! that usually were dumped as an example along the ELR.?Just a little note maybe of interest. On Birchley st car park at side of Benefits offices there is a small area offset. It was bought by us to put our offices in.it cost £10000 to,buy. Unfortunately the union said it couldnt be built cos they felt we would be SPYING on the workforce. So,it became a PIPE STORE.
  2. Alan.i thought in the 60s the girls came to the boys school for chemy?or physics.Used to spot them walking across the upper hall passageways to the labs?.
  4. Alan.that shot shows the steps down to the back entrance. Newbies in winter were made to stand by the steps and make a speech.The nearby door to school was a target for snowballing as well. You can just see the top of the bogs why use when there is a handy corner eh?. At side was a flat area we had our footie matches on or rugby with a rolled up newspaper.LEAGUE OF COURSE.
  5. HORT. In Singapore the first offence is S$50.Repeat offences can run up to s$1000 and even 3 months in prison. They just dont like people who think the laws dont apply to them.
  6. Not in every situation and both road user and pedestrian are expected to,give a certain level of courtesy. Pedestrians are expected to use as appropriate,the provided crossing. There is no 9ffence innthe UK forbjaywalking. However Ken Livingston did try to get it made illegal. As you ask HORT.Can I refer you to the number of people that suddenly dart across Mainnst,only a few feet away from an appropriate crossing. Bet you would curse if you just missed them,?mmm Its us BRITS trying to be gents?
  7. So what.i know many people who use this term in this country and in other countries.EVEN SOME DRIVING INSTRUCTORS IN CRITICISM.
  8. Nowadays are PISSED BIRDS ON HEN NIGHTS that dont use the provided crossings.Proper title jaywalker jaywalker femalus. When I was taking my driving lessons the specie was jaywalker jaywalker pedestrianus.
  9. Yep and the cyclist road hogging even then?and Jay walkers.
  10. When we lived in sutton manor this station was our stop from shaw st. They must have missed us getting off the train.It was great passing sutton oak sheds
  11. 27th July 1968 to SHERDLEY park.Later to be Sherdley show.Then The show. It went through many versions.lalerly became a bone of contention ss it had a major forces slant. Then it sadly drifted into a posh car boot sale with charity stalls,fair and a few events.etc.
  12. TYPICAL BERYL.,!!!on the Centenary a couple of funnies? 1.Because of the Water dept peculiar relationship with the council.I had dealings with nearly every dept. I was asked to do the football draw for the council teams.I tried to be unbiased? When I drew the teams I was hoping for the BT to be drawn with TC!! However I didn't end up in the good books with my mates in the BT. I DREW BOTH THE BT TEAMS AGAINST EACH OTHER. 2.Us fellas in the water dept?We were challenged to a rounders match from some girls both in and outside the dept. who thought we were an easy touch. I dont know how many in a rounders team but we played Linda Cropper,Hilda Ince,Alice Murphy(Alecs wife!!pe teacher),Ann Davies,Barbara Davies,and a few more.I am sure we won?..mmm But the girls kept changing the rules. We seemed to do a lot of running?
  13. I remember when the town hall kept getting tel calls during the IRA troubles.Having to get out into the square. Apparently as it was on the afternoon, someone said they'd spotted Town Hall staff sneaking into the cotham arms . Waiting for the yearly grading reviews that were sent out under top secrecy,but TCs Let it out on the grapevine. Do you remember Ray Wright and the NALGO. ,anyone in treasurers.Esp all those trainees got from the various schools who were dished out to various Depts. One girl actually spoke to treasurer cos she was sick of walking round delivering post. Bet theres enough non PC to fill a book or a Netflix series?
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