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  1. Thanks Tony J and Lankylad. Plenty there for me to follow up. I appreciate your help. (PS, Lankylad, Ben Hir means "Tall Ben" in the Cornish language. I was a lanky lad too)
  2. Thanks again. Yes Phyll, that's it, still at St Anthony's. The name "Stott and Prescott, St Helens" is carved on the RHS of the base stone, where the erecting stonemason would usually leave their mark, but I know they did not produce the piece. It was quarried and carved by my Great Uncle, in Cornwall. That part of the Scotland Road was home to a big catholic community from Ireland and France as well as locals. Lankylad, yes that's worth a further look - thanks for the lead. Wikitree has a record for an Annie Prescott marrying an Edward Stott in 1938. Both were from St Helens and are buried togethr in Annie's family grave in ST Helens cemetery. I don't know yet whther Edward was a stonemason or whether it's a different part of the family. Obviously Stott and Prescott are both fairly widespread names in the area. I've tracked down the crucifix in Liverpool, I've been to see Rawcliffe's of Chorley (mentioned in the church history), obviously I now need a trip to St Helens!
  3. Many thanks to you all for your help in this. My connection with St Anthony's, and the reason for this line of enquiry, is that my Great Uncle, Arthur Webber, quarried and carved the crucifix which is now the war memorial at St Anthony of Egypt R.C. church in Liverpool. The name of "Stott and Prescott, St Helens" is carved into the side of the base but the book of the church's history shows a photo, reprinted from the local paper, of the dedication of the memorial in 1949 stating that "the stonemason was Rawcliffe of Chorley". I've visited Rawcliffe's who tell me they don't think they were involved at all, but if Stott & Prescott's name is on the base then they probably erected it on site and possibly added the memorial lettering. There appears to be no credit given anywhere to the man who actually made it, carved in Cornish granite at De Lank Quarry on Bodmin Moor! If Stott and Prescott, or any descendants with knowledge of the firm, could tell me what their part was in the process, that's what I was trying to find. All the leads you've given me on this site are great, so thanks again for all your help. If there's anything you can add I would be more than interested. I live in Cornwall so don't know St Helens at all but I'm going to have to make a visit some time. Crucifix quarried and carved by Arthur Webber at De Lank quarry on Bodmin Moor, now the war memorial at St Anthony of Egypt R.C. Church, Scotland Road, Liverpool
  4. Thanks Tony. All information is useful! I live in Cornwall and don't know st Helens at all but would like to find out more about Stott & Prescott if possible.
  5. Can anyone help me with information about Stott and Prescott who seemed to be monumental stonemasons based in St Helens? They were certainly in business in 1949-50 but appear to have been removed from the registration of companies around 1981. Their name appears on the base of the war memorial outside St Anthony's Church on the Scotland Road in Liverpool but the memorial itself was definitely not made by them so I'm trying to find out what their involvement was. Perhaps they erected it on site and added the lettering for the memorial, but I'm guessing at that. Does anyone know any history of Stott & Prescott, or are there descendants of the families still around St Helens? Any help or information would be much appreciated.
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