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  1. SaintJeff

    St Helens Bus Review April 2019

    Ashtons is not a scrap yard anymore, that didn't last long. The sites been empty for a couple of years now apart from a load of pallets of plastic containers being stored there for a while. there was someone checking the place out recently though.
  2. SaintJeff

    Queen in St Helens

    Brilliant. There's recordings of the liverpool show they did on youtube, just the audio obviously but it was at that show where he first met May, Deacon and Taylor and they played together for th first time.
  3. SaintJeff

    Queen in St Helens

    Sorry for thread digging but I came across this pic of Freddie with the Ibex band taken somewhere in St.Helens and i thought I'd check if anything had already been posted. anyone recognise where it was taken?
  4. SaintJeff


    I think he was playing injured a lot for the back half of the season. Best aussie signing we've had since Jamie Lyon. Brilliant to watch, wish we could have had another season out of him. The team bottled it in both big games this season. He's not to blame for it.
  5. SaintJeff

    Billinge Graffiti.

    This generation of kids have no respect for anything. We're doomed.
  6. SaintJeff

    new set up 2019

    I wish they would just ditch the whole play off system. The team who finishes top deserve to be called the champions, the ones who finish bottom deserve to go down and give another team a crack at it. As much as I've enjoyed grand finals, I'd rather have the old system. The super 8's just made the league too confusing for my liking and I could never see how that format would ever attract new fans. Glad to see that's been ditched. I can see the extra games being a new magic weekend knockout tournament thing. another waste of time, they play enough games as it is.
  7. SaintJeff

    Greenwoods are back in Town

    Hope they do well there. Can't believe how bad the town has got now for shops but it's not just St.Helens. Online shopping is killing it.
  8. SaintJeff

    For over 45 years....

    I've noticed the Alfred is open again, must have been a refurb.
  9. SaintJeff

    Parr Swimming Pool windows

    I was a Sutton Nasher, learned to swim in that pool. Never liked swimming, still dont 😊
  10. SaintJeff

    The Black Bull

    Great pub. Was always good in there before a Saints match.
  11. SaintJeff

    For over 45 years....

    It was open today (Saturday)
  12. SaintJeff

    For over 45 years....

    Sad to see Tasty chicks going, they did some awesome breakfast barms. I've been told the Alfred is closed for refurbishment but I wouldn't have thought they would screen off all the windows for that. This is all just a sign of the times now. A lot of people are blaming the council but this is happening everywhere. Online shopping is killing the high street and I can't see any refurbishment changing that unless they drop a Primark shop in there somewhere then the plebs will get off their arses again.
  13. SaintJeff

    A Night with Martin Murray

    Is it just me that doesn't find all the mad benny stuff funny? The guys not a full shilling and people are just using him as comic relief.
  14. SaintJeff

    Crash on Tesco car park

    or a scouser, I'm not laughing either.
  15. SaintJeff

    A "new" St Helens

    Church street needs leveling, along with that monstrosity of a church. Might be nice inside but it looks a right state from the outside. Get a nice big primark there and town would be thriving joking aside, most town centres are struggling now with people turning to online shopping and easier access to city centres. Saying that, there's always plenty people about when i go into town, it probably just needs a facelift and a better variety of shops.

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