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  1. Nobody seems to know. I just thought it was odd he's missed events like the Westfield Street festival and any events recently, just hope he's ok.
  2. Round 18 - Huddersfield (H)
  3. Round 17 - London (A)
  4. Anyone heard from robbob lately? Hope he's ok. He's not one to miss anything that's going on.
  5. It just sounds like he's stuck two fingers up to the club and walked away taking his money with him rather than really accept responsibility for his comments.
  6. Challenge Cup Quarter Final - Wakefield (H)
  7. Round 16 - Castleford (Anfield)
  8. SaintJeff

    Ben Barba sentenced

    He was good but we're playing better without him this season.
  9. Round 15 - Salford (H)
  10. Challenge Cup 6th Round - Huddersfield (A)
  11. He'll be gone for next season. I hate Liverpool. it's not so much the team, it's the fans, they can have the champions league, just keep them away from that premiership trophy.
  12. Round 14 - Hull KR (A)
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