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  1. SaintJeff

    Parr Swimming Pool windows

    I was a Sutton Nasher, learned to swim in that pool. Never liked swimming, still dont 😊
  2. SaintJeff

    The Black Bull

    Great pub. Was always good in there before a Saints match.
  3. SaintJeff

    For over 45 years....

    It was open today (Saturday)
  4. SaintJeff

    For over 45 years....

    Sad to see Tasty chicks going, they did some awesome breakfast barms. I've been told the Alfred is closed for refurbishment but I wouldn't have thought they would screen off all the windows for that. This is all just a sign of the times now. A lot of people are blaming the council but this is happening everywhere. Online shopping is killing the high street and I can't see any refurbishment changing that unless they drop a Primark shop in there somewhere then the plebs will get off their arses again.
  5. SaintJeff

    A Night with Martin Murray

    Is it just me that doesn't find all the mad benny stuff funny? The guys not a full shilling and people are just using him as comic relief.
  6. SaintJeff

    Crash on Tesco car park

    or a scouser, I'm not laughing either.
  7. SaintJeff

    A "new" St Helens

    Church street needs leveling, along with that monstrosity of a church. Might be nice inside but it looks a right state from the outside. Get a nice big primark there and town would be thriving joking aside, most town centres are struggling now with people turning to online shopping and easier access to city centres. Saying that, there's always plenty people about when i go into town, it probably just needs a facelift and a better variety of shops.
  8. SaintJeff

    The Ruskin Drive Mini Train

    Appreciate that. I don't mind my photos being used but a bit of credit from where it's from goes a long way. They seem to be taking all the pics from the Sutton beauty and heritage website now with no thought to the hard work and research gone into it.
  9. SaintJeff

    The Ruskin Drive Mini Train

    Yeah Hort, I've had enough of them now. All they do is take stuff from elsewhere and when you say anything, the group members are on your back for having a go at the admin, you can't win with that mentality.
  10. Scanned from an old negative of my dads. Probably taken in the late 50's early 60's. I made the mistake of posting this on a facebook group where the admin has a habit of taking photos, reposting them as his own and taking all the credit from his cronies. Some people think it's no big deal but it annoys the hell out of me. You live and learn.
  11. SaintJeff

    Classy Cas

    It was embarrassing to watch. The new coach has got a job on his hands there. Apparently he arrives here next week, sooner the better.
  12. SaintJeff

    Our friend Le200 has died

    Sad news, was always part of the furniture on connect. RIP Chris.
  13. SaintJeff

    Catalan v Saints

    Keiron Cunningham was a world class player but he just isn't up to the job as a coach. The daggers are out for him now and it's a shame but to be honest, superleague has killed the game for me with the stupid confusing new super 8 set up.
  14. SaintJeff

    just the job closed.

    Was only closed a week or so i think. Had some decent paint from there, cheaper than wikos.
  15. brilliant, nice one Rob

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