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  1. Cheers Dig, it’s the first year I’ve seen the long tailed tits in our garden,, they come in flocks too.
  2. I got a new camera for christmas off the missus and I've always been one for feeding the birds, especially in the winter so I've been getting used to the camera by getting some shots of them. didn't realise how hard it is to get a decent pic, they never stay still long enough, but I'm getting better as i get used to the camera. Here's a few ones I'm happy with up to now. I'm giving google photos a try so hopefully this post doesn't come out wrong. Blue Tit Blackbird Goldfinch Long Tailed Tits Looking forward to when it warms up a bit and i can sit out in the garden and get a bit closer to them.
  3. Probably because domestic or sexual violence is a bit more serious than something like a drunken pub fight. You don't hit women, there's no excuse for it.
  4. It's not exactly good for the game if one of the star players has been caught on cctv knocking a woman about whether he knocked her out or not. The games on it's arse as it is. I did read that the NRl are really cracking down on it now because he's not the only player to be charged in recent years. Here's an article from December 2018 - https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2018/dec/15/nrl-urged-to-ban-for-life-players-convicted-of-sexual-assault-and-domestic-violence
  5. He won't be playing in the superleague - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/47110207 Back to union for him if they'll even take him. What an idiot and what a waste of a good talent.
  6. SaintJeff

    Saints v Wigan

    They've had the pitch covered since the weekend so fingers crossed it'll still be on.
  7. @Robbob2010 Mr Draper, I nearly had the cane from him for throwing stuff in the maths area. Mrs Owen was deputy head and they both put the fear of god in me that day. good memories, haha. sorry for going off topic from the thread.
  8. Overheard in the Thriftys shop in Sutton that the Vulcan pub is closing down in a few weeks. Another one bites the dust.
  9. Liverpool get away with murder. The media are so far up their backsides cause they're scared of upsetting the justice for the 96 brigade.
  10. My neck of the woods there Rob. Been a lot going on over the bonk lately,testing the ground for chemicals from what I've heard. I love going over there for a walk.
  11. That line was a great shortcut when i worked in Abbotsfield Road. Get up on the bridge there and walk straight down to Worsley Brow.
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