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  1. SaintJeff


    A pie is a pie, but i've found one where I'm living now that holds up to any I've had from th'ome town. Butcher's | Gigli's, Lytham St Annes | England WWW.GIGLISLYTHAMSTANNES.COM Gigli's, Lytham St Annes is a family Butcher's shop, Pie makers and Bistro on the Fylde Coast. We specialize in serving the best quailty meat and produce and serve an extensive breakfast menu in the bistro.
  2. I had so much hassle with this bank whilst caring for my dad and looking after his finances. Some of the staff were real jobsworths and the manager was some Swedish guy who didn't have a bloody clue.
  3. Lovely old building sadly stuck in an area of regeneration. Sutton needs it to be honest. Especially where the chapel is. The area has been run down and neglected for far too long.
  4. I've seen recent photos of the caverns on facebook, it looks like it's collapsing badly now and doesn't look safe. Don't blame the guy getting it filled in. Too many idiots these days spoiling everything.
  5. The BFI have been releasing free videos from their archives over the lockdown. One of them is St.Helens Health week from 1923 - https://player.bfi.org.uk/free/film/watch-st-helens-health-week-1923-1923-online
  6. BBC documentary from the 80's called The right To Work, following the workers of Pilkingtons Glass. Can't embed it into the post for some reason but an interesting watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4smGHgVI_8M&list=LLx4KX_4x_iswrm73Tz4Fdkg&index=2&t=522s
  7. UGB video taken shortly before it closed.
  8. I found the pic on the Parr past and present facebook page and from the graininess of it I think its probably from a newspaper
  9. Not sure if these have been posted before but they're ones ive never seen. Ruskin Drive 1960 Lowe Street Haydock Park Station Duke Street
  10. @Robbob2010 Mr Draper, I nearly had the cane from him for throwing stuff in the maths area. Mrs Owen was deputy head and they both put the fear of god in me that day. good memories, haha. sorry for going off topic from the thread.
  11. Overheard in the Thriftys shop in Sutton that the Vulcan pub is closing down in a few weeks. Another one bites the dust.
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