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  1. UGB video taken shortly before it closed.
  2. Round 10 - Warrington (H)
  3. Round 9 - Catalans (A) Short one this
  4. Always the meet up point for a night out with the lads.
  5. St.helens is over run with scousers now so it's just taking them home really.
  6. Round 8 - Hull KR (H)
  7. The needle returns to the start of the song and we all sing along like before.

    1. mally


      and we'll all be lonely tonight and lonely tomorrow :music_walkman:

  8. Round 7 - Castleford (A)
  9. Round 6 - Huddersfield (A)
  10. I found the pic on the Parr past and present facebook page and from the graininess of it I think its probably from a newspaper
  11. Large families will struggle I think, even if they recycle a lot. I can get away with once a month for the brown bin here with just two of us in this house but the bag for plastics is usually bulging come collection day.
  12. Is this going to save our town? I'm all for bringing more job opportunities into the town but really don't like to be classed as being in the Liverpool city region. What's the catch? It's bad enough being classed as being in Merseyside. Of course comments are disabled on the councils youtube channel 🤣
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