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  1. Thanks for all the posts and for the picture. I managed to find a couple on the St Helen's Archive page - searched for 'Church St' didn't mention Hart's specifically in the descriptions but was visible in a corner It's been a few shops since - when they knocked down the shops opposite (1972 ish) to build Church Square shopping centre. It was Lewis's and then I think in the 80s was Dembows. Gonna show Mum the photo's today
  2. Sorry, how do I view them? Clicked the link but it won't show me a picture (just info). If I use the advanced search and choose images & hart's it says nothing found
  3. Was talking with my Mum last week and she mentioned she worked at Harts Store on Church St, St Helens. Have tried to find photo's of it but been unable to find any. Does anyone know which shop along Church St used to be Harts Store? Or even better, does anyone have ANY photos they could share with me so I can show my Mum? Thanks in advance, Andy
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