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  1. Hillman Imps added 5 minutes later Oh, and remember them little blue three wheeler Invacars?
  2. Yeah, I think we are missing a trick with this canal. Would be nice to see it get used again and attract more visitors here. Probs cost an arm and a leg to make it navigable again though. I think the section near where Cephos bridge was would be the hardest to reinstate. It would probably be easier to take it through the actual Sankey Brook that runs to the side...or I could be talking complete Llobocks 🤣
  3. Glasstowner


    Did he eat all the pies 😁
  4. I saw a girl painting this from a scissor lift a few weeks ago, looks fantastic!
  5. Glasstowner


    I always thought Pimmies had too much pepper in their pies - but I did like their little chocolate box cakes a lot!
  6. I think the weather station left us in the 90's. I remember there always seemed to be kids hanging around there and some of them vandalising it with paint. The windows kept getting smashed and it was broken in to multiple times, so they wooded them up and put barbed wire around the roof because young 'uns started getting in through the hatch on top. I think it got burned down eventually like with the old mans hut near the bowling greens and Cowley Girls School around the corner. Very sad to remember all the things that have disappeared from Vicky Park over the years, the waterfalls at the bottom end of the 'Ducky' (referred to as 'the fish ponds' on old maps), the numerous toilet facilities (three that I can remember). the games hut near the ducky, the boathouse, the bowls hut and cafe. I just hope they can find a way to make use of the Mansion House before that goes the same way as the weather station etc...
  7. Here but the trees are in the way added 13 minutes later Here also towards the centre of the pic, a bit better.
  8. There is a version of Most Haunted's visit to Vicky Park Mansion House here https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aj4du8ASmblcpUY5diPCaf0FmKtt?e=NfX9tl Regardless of what you think about Most Haunted the fact that it is about the Mansion House is interesting. Sorry for hijacking the thread!
  9. Amazing footage of my favourite place in all St Helens. I like the shot of the drone cam seemingly flying backwards through the new bandstand - the footage is very cleverly reversed, although you can see the dog walker (to the right of the frame) walking backwards
  10. (Onion) Street, in its present 3 storey form, has always been a bad area, notorious for anti social behaviour and drugs at least since the 1980's. People from the surrounding areas were known to walk around the estate, rather than take the shortcut through it, to get to Pimblett's or the Post Office ☠️
  11. I have nothing to hide officer (besides my privacy) 😇
  12. That new place looks pretty decent. I am actually glad that they have made good use of the old Varley's land next to the canal (good town planning) xD
  13. Won't be long before they demolish the last of them nasty 3 stories next to these. It is hard to believe that they only built them in the 1970's and with an outside bog 🤣 St Helens town planning at its finest!
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