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  1. Won't be long before they demolish the last of them nasty 3 stories next to these. It is hard to believe that they only built them in the 1970's and with an outside bog 🤣 St Helens town planning at its finest!
  2. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pale-Boy-present-threatens-future-ebook/dp/B08F82MC1R
  3. Ok, first post from scratch and sorry if this has been done before or in the wrong place #newbalert 😂 I was just wondering what you guys are reading or have read and would recommend? I have just read Sue Gerrard's 'Secret St Helens', History of St Helens with local landmarks, by James Brockbank and I am about 2/3 of the way through Steven Wainwright's 'The Hidden History of St Helens'. I also enjoyed 'A Pictorial History of St Helens' by Mary Presland. Thanks in advance.
  4. I would say it is the best park in St Helens largely because I grew up in it, but also it is the only park in St Helens that retains a lot of original features and it is the only park that still has its house! I read a story on my kindle a few months ago, by Sue Gerrard - only a short story called 'The Pale Boy', a ghost story set in modern times in the park itself, which I really liked and would recommend if you like that sort of thing xD
  5. I think this is on the other side of Standish Street, next to Varleys (where the chimney is).
  6. I love old pics xD

  7. Agreed. I think that is probably the best film about St Helens I have ever seen, deffo the most informative of the people and times.
  8. These pics are fantastic, thanks for sharing guys xD
  9. There is a good YouTube channel called St Helens History Channel, that has lots of old videos of St Helens including all the old Peeps In The Past stuff xD
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