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  1. Hi Phyll.one of the houses gone was needed for the "callout" man.His job was to go out if there were any road incidents.He was WELL PAID!!Cos he was allocated 2hrs even if he was there for less.He used to go out for lights, dead cats and dogs,clearing up debris etc.By that he could get "paid hours" in his week well over 100.Acouple of names i remember there at ARCHIE brook!Arthur Kelsall and David Stacey.They were on staff at depot.
  2. the vicarage is on corner hard lane and gamble ave.
  3. Alan,believe it or not but some years ago in the local paper someone asked this.There was then a concerted effort to try and identify them all.
  4. Its the same with these now APPS for selling your stuff.We use ebay.
  5. None of those marriages appear,sadly .Our pickavances 1841 were in bromilow buildings and in fact the families there married.We used this site for quite a bit of info on genealogy if you havnt yet.Plus Lancashire Parish clerks lists.
  6. We have Both Pickervance and Pickavance in our tree.Do you have any earlier info.Our spellings vary right back to 1841
  7. This is an ongoing merge between Virgin,Clydesdale and Yorks banks.
  8. Sorted HORT, found out esrlier as overhead a few nearby residents saying on bus as they got off at Carr Mill.Thats a loada Pollocks over there.Well i could be mistaken as couldnt hear prop as wearing masks like us.
  9. HORT Ive heard from a very very reliable source that the bouys have been placed to divide the fishing rights.Little fishies on the bank side are to be only fished by thise who voted Brexit.The other side is anyone else..
  10. HORT,we spent many good years going to THE WILLOWS and to Weaste!Your step dad may not have mentioned about the hot potato machine there. When we were kids going to matches there, like all the grounds they had lads and girls going round selling crisps etc.Well at Weaste they had just inside the gate a hot potato machine.When we got home after one winter match,we read that it had exploded just after the ground cleared!Mashed potato all over eh?.
  11. HORT are these copies of other photos or did you become a collector of beermats or ciggie packets?
  12. Brought up on the smells of- 1.Greenalls brewery.2.Beechams Germaline.3.Pimbletts bakery znd if anyone can remember The Glue Factory in Jackson st..didn't they have specific dayss when the smells were prevalent?.
  13. HORT,trying to sort the logistics.The old big building on Washway Lane?was this related to the cables?where the buckets went?.
  14. Yep Berringtons lane.Always scared going down bypass under the sand buckets.No one ever mentions about any accidentsof sand or buckets falling?.
  15. I think it was the way stuff was put on census.John hills brow was residence but showed lancs ormskirk,rainford as well on birth bits.
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