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  1. Chuck

    Good words that have disappeared

    The term in Derbyshire when I was a lad was scerrick and it is still used quite a lot.
  2. Chuck

    St Helens Names

    Hi shel, I have Birchall in my tree, My g/g/granfather Adam Rothwell married Mary Birchall in 1831, Adam died in 1835 and Mary remarried William Mills in 1840. Mary's parents were William Birchall & Mary.
  3. Chuck

    Local Phrases

    If anyone asked my Dad where he was going and he did not want to tell he would say "I am going for a run with a rug round me" Is that a Lanncs saying,? I never heard anyone else use that phrase.
  4. Chuck

    Local Phrases

    One of my Dad's favourite sayings was "Everybody's daft except me and thee, and I am not so sure about thee" Another one of his gems was "If tha ever does owt for nowt, mek sure tha does if fo thisen"
  5. Chuck

    The golden age of tut tuts

    We always called them trolleys too, I remember I made one with really big pram wheels on the back, we lived on a really steep hill almost 2 miles long, the first time I tried it down the hill I went past one of my teachers he was riding his motor bike, he had an old Sunbeam shaft drive and never went very fast. The next day at school I was sent for and given the cane for reckless behaviour. Wow that bought back a lot of old memories,
  6. Chuck


    HOLDEN, HOLDING, ALCOCK, WHITTLE, NAYLOR, GARVEY, PICKAVANCE, CRITCHLEY, MANN, HARRISON, LOWE, MOLYNEUX, MURRAY, HUTTON, SMYTH , SEDDON, CRITCHLEY, PYE, and others.. My g grandmother Tabitha Rothwell married Stephen Pye in Ormskirk in 1848 One of my cousins Thomas Rothwell married Ellen Seddon in 1855, they emigrated to New Zealand where they joined Ellen Seddon's nephew Richard John Seddon who went on to become Prime Minister of NZ. Any replies to:- chuckroth@iinet.net.au
  7. Chuck

    Burial information

    Adam Rothwell died Prescott September 1839 age approx 30
  8. I am searching for any info on Adam Rothwell, born around 1810, not sure which area, he was married in 1831 to Mary Birchall, they were married at St Mary's Church Prescot. They had 2 sons, John in 1831 and William in 1834. I cannot find any record of Adam's birth, I would welcome any assistance in my search.

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