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  1. For the record, there were fifteen war graves at St Thomas: thirteen from WW1 and two from WW2. All are now commemorated on the screen wall at Manchester Southern Cemetery. The headstone for 2nd Corporal Richard Price 6910 Royal Engineers is still at Eccleston.
  2. The Commonwealth War Graves Commission are currently seeking relatives of Driver Peter Heyes who is buried at St Nicholas in Sutton: https://www.cwgc.org/our-work/news/appeal-for-relatives-may-2021/ This is his profile on St Helens Rolls of Honour: http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/casualty-1665-Peter_Heyes.html
  3. Hi Ratty, the death cert for Ernest Tucker says that he died where he lived at 10 Moxon Street with his wife present. Could St Thomas Eccleston be a possibility? Lancashire Archives appear to have burial records up to 1960. I gather that the churchyard no longer exists but from what I can tell it was roughly where Stevenson Avenue is now (detached from the church).
  4. Cheers. I did see that but the blurb for that cd only mentions baptisms and marriages. I see now from the image that it also includes burials and a grave plan.
  5. Interesting... Out of curiosity, where go you get this information from - is there a transcribed record somewhere? Does anyone know how helpful they are at the parish office, some of the earlier posts in this discussion weren't encouraging though I appreciate that was over a decade ago! I'll also give the library a go when it reopens later in the month.
  6. It was on the end of a row next to the railway, maybe two thirds of the way down. On the front face of the headstone a strip of stone has completely worn off making part the inscription illegible: In loving memory of --- Alice Massey who --- --- 3rd 1902, aged 25 years al--- ---rt, son of the above w--- --- ---v 5th 1905, aged 4 years als--- ---ard, the beloved son of --- & Ellen Brown who --- ---v 20th 1916, aged 25 years --- Ellen, the above who --- ---g 8th 1943, aged 89 years
  7. Was in the area today and had time for a mooch around the churchyard. Found headstones for both Ashton and Brown, the inscription on the latter is partly worn away but doesn't indicate that he is buried elsewhere. I know Chris passed away a few years ago but I was keeping an eye out for these anyway. The Wilkes headstone is still face down, didn't spot the other two but I only checked the left side of the churchyard.
  8. Good call Tony... he died of TB at the Royal National Hospital at St Lawrence and the address given for him is 67 Peasly Cross Lane. I'll have to check the newspaper when the library reopens. Thanks all for the help!
  9. Excellent, thank you very much! It looks like Edward Brown might have died in the Isle of Wight, though I've got no idea what he was doing there - will know more when I receive a copy of his death certificate. Do you know why there would be an entry for him in the burial register if he isn't buried there? A memorial service perhaps? Is it possible to get copies from the actual register (or is it available somewhere on microfilm)? I'm investigating both men as potential WW1 casualties so might need it later.
  10. Sure: William Ashton, died 16 May 1918 Edward Brown, died 20 or 28 November 1916 Not sure about Brown, but neither man appears to be at St Helens Cemetery and Sutton seems like the next best bet.
  11. Thanks Tony, it is war related but the men I'm looking for aren't listed on CWGC.
  12. Does anyone know where the burial registers are kept for St Nicholas? I'm looking for a couple of men who died 1916-1918 but the records on Lancashire Online Parish Clerks don't cover these years: https://www.lan-opc.org.uk/St-Helens/Sutton/stnicholas/burials.html Do they have copies in the library, or do I need to visit the church?
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