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  1. Kreskin

    I'm knackered

    Sorry, switched off after "great" and "scousers" in the same sentence 😉
  2. Deffo the Silver Star on Corp St, Opp theatre Royal. Was regular there through the 80’s. Manager was a cracking Chinese lad known as Steve. Heard that he has since become a big wig within the company that runs The Chinese Buffet chain. Not sure if true.
  3. Agree, I think Liverpudlians probably have an affinity with “Merseyside”, possibly more than when Liverpool was Lancashire also. Just seems a detrimental choice if you consider St Helens as an independent town, as opposed to a suburb of Liverpool. Devils advocate, but do Wiganers possibly have more self confidence in their identity than we do? But Since the 80’s, Merseyside is a no more an existent county than Lancashire. Also, the post office have stated that using Lancashire instead of Merseyside as a postal address makes no difference. Out if interest, do you see St Helens as more of a stand alone town, similar to Warrington or Wigan? Or tightly linked to Liverpool, such as other areas now incorporated into the “Liverpool City Region”?
  4. Sure it’s been covered before on the forum somewhere, but why do most Sintelliners happily accept Merseyside as a postal address, whereas over in Wigan, I’ve rarely known anyone to adopt “Greater Manchester”? Ironically, Merseyside was abolished in the 1980’s, so the argument that the use of “Lancashire”, concerning address, is incorrect is actually irrelevant. Always thought that using and accepting Merseyside, dilutes the identity of the town.
  5. First post on the connect forums, and hope the standard is as good as this thread. Really interesting. I recall there being several large fenced off, capped mine shafts along Colliers lane. Would imagine that they have been there since the late 60's at least.
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