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  1. For me the most evocative sense is smell. Alan's reference to the Rec's privet blossom is so nostalgic. Even now if I get a wiff of privet it takes me back.
  2. I remember the tiger. It was the first thing I went to see; to check it hadn't escaped.
  3. My yatch's keel kept running aground. Very disappointing. Then I learnt about jetex engines. Anybody remember them? You could power toy aeroplanes, cars and in my case home made balsa wood speed boats. Old men sitting round the paddling pool were very impressed.
  4. I bet they were wearing dry suits to keep the cold out. Only trouble with dry suits is if you get caught short! added 18 minutes later Sorry Hort, how many skin divers?
  5. Doasyouwouldbedoneby is sufficient; no need for myths. Sufficient unless you're in the company of psychopaths.
  6. Cylinders look too big for SCUBA divers.
  7. Do people still skate on the area beyond the 19 arches?
  8. Know what you mean Alan. It's called the fresh country air.
  9. Bert

    The Brook

    Don't know of any repercussions for poor blackouts. I was young; nearly 7 at the end of the war. Remember a bonfire where Harris St and Spray St cross, but there were bonfires all over.
  10. Bert

    The Brook

    During the war, when the siren sounded, I spent many an hour standing on the bed under the stairs in Harris St. drawing Spitfires shooting the Luftwaffe down. Parents were content to let me draw on the wall; the least of their worries. I had a piece of shrapnel. I believe it was found in the back yard but cannot be sure. Also remember the evening ritual of putting the blackout in place and having it checked from the outside; didn't want to get in troubled with the warders.
  11. Hort unless you've a pie with that pint GET OUT OF MY PUB!
  12. Has anyone else noticed that some people on this thread stutter when they try to say grandmother?
  13. Bert

    Wigan v Saints final

    That's only during the match Frank, I have heard rumours.
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