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  1. I have the info about my gran's mother, father and siblings now, thank you and the addresses she lived at as a child. I can now research further. I didn't know my gran had so many siblings. I may have distant relatives still living in and around Prescot!!!
  2. Yes, this was my gran and granddad and I was born in 3 Cotsford close.
  3. Thanks for the posts so far. Roughsedge is not a common name but I know there are still people in Prescot with the surname. Sorry, not got the hang of this yet! Thanks Geoff for my gran's information. The second Mary Smith is not my gran.
  4. My gran lived at 11 Highfield Place Prescot in January 1922, I have her bible giving that date and address. Her name then Was Alice Mary Roughsedge (later marrying Robert Smith). Does anyone have any pictures of the house or information on the family please?
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