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  1. Hi Kenny and Phyll. Thanks for the photo. You can just see our house at the far left hand of the block. It was knocked down in the late 70s. Kenny, Joe Ball actually lived in Grant Street - first house on right going down from Campbell Street. McGills is my family and I am fairly certain we lived in the corner house (84) haha. The gable end I talked about is still there although they have taken down the Albion Street sign that I used to aim at. Poignantly you can see it from the gym at Boundary Road baths (on the rare occasions I venture there now!). I just live up the road in Denton’s Green now, so I am never far away from my childhood, but not too close. I am just about 100 yds from Cowley and those memories are kindled on a daily basis, but that’s another thread. Cheers.
  2. I am very late on this, but I have read all these comments with great pleasure and nostalgia. It makes me realise that, as kids, we were all living in little worlds divided by just a few yards. With all the talk of Napier Street, Talbot Street etc I was irked that there was little or no mention of my own little world in Albion Street. I feel I should say a little bit so that the names and places in and around our street don’t “shuffle off” unrecorded. I was born in 1947 and lived on the corner of Albion Street and Campbell Street. Opposite was the gable end of the first block in Campbell Street. Every boy should have a wall like that. I threw, hit, kicked thousands of balls against that wall and never a word of complaint from the owner Mrs Jarvis who lived there with her husband and daughter Dorothy. On the next corner was the Sallywhite factory behind which was the semi circular “ghost entry” which we were all terrified to go down. Next door to Sallywhite was Mr Rimmers shoe repair shop. I had a good frien Alan Morrow who lived at 63 Campbell St with his NaN and Dad. In Albion Street the kids I remember were Billy Hale and Patty Green on my side of the street; on the other side there was a family with 4 brothers, the Seargeants...Colin, Melvin, Tommy and Billy. In the corner house by the entry there was a girl called Bernadette Seymour. As kids we used to go horse riding. She went on to Notre Dame while I went to Crowley (1959 - 1967). I still sometimes see a woman in town who I think might be Bernadette: I will have to say hallo next time I see her! I remember the little drinks shop on the corner of Kitchener Street that people have mentioned. I think the owner was Mr Clare; he used to wear a smock at work (this is all very Penny Lane ish). The bread shop opposite the baths was Greenalls. Their grandson, Gerald, was in my year at Cowley. Wainwrights took it over years ago. My Mum worked in Wainwright’s part time for years. Behind our house on Boundary Road was a barbers shop, “Billy Dunne’s”. Next door to him on the Campbell Street corner was old Bill Rigby, the father of young Bill Rigby who had the clothes shop in Kirkland Street. For me it was a brilliant place to grow up. The baths and Queens Rec 50 yards away. I remember all the kids coming down Campbell Street from all those other streets to play in the park after school. There were always four or five rugby games going on that you could join in. So sad to see the park unused except for dog walking. The old bowling greens are still there but gone to seed...quo modo sedet sola etc..On the corner of Boundary Road and Peter Street was Baggley’s off licence where I was sent to buy pints of beer in a bottle for my grand dad. He also used to send me up the entry between Albion Street and Bruce Street to put his bets on with Lew Willet who had a bookie’s that you entered through the back gat lol! Enough for now.
  3. Bazp

    Austin Rhodes. R.I.P.

    I also saw him in that Wembley final against Halifax. I remember he used to wiggle his bum when making the mark for his place kicks; I managed to copy the wiggle but the kicks were not up to his standard.
  4. A bit late here but just want to mention that my wife’s daughter and grandson were over from Moscow and we went to the match. They were very impressed with the spectacle and the power and athleticism of all the players. They weren’t too troubled by the refereeing aberrations and just enjoyed the game (and result obviously). Perhaps that’s the important part.
  5. New to this although have interacted intermittently on other threads. Was at Cowley Boys 1959-1966. Have nothing but warm memories about kids and most of staff with exception of Clifton who despised me and which I thoroughly reciprocated. From Albion Street. Used to walk up past Lingnolme Road and pick up Eric Glynn -big on chemistry. Played rugby with Rog Atherton, Barry Swift, Ron Barrett, Smaje, Fred Howard, Alan Dolan Horton, Gullick and many others. I will never forget them or the school. Contemporaries at Girls School we’re Sue and jean Hughes, Zeta Evans, Isabel Murray, Janet Murray, Sue Leyland (sister of Martin) Susan Lightfoot and many more (apologies for not naming). What are you all doing now? Hope it was a good journey.
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