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  1. He must be in his fifties now. Does that make him the oldest boxer on record?
  2. Hi. I realise this is a long shot as this post went up in 2006. I'm John(ny) Devine and used to live in Wood Street with my Grandparents, William and Mary (ne Birchall) Devine. Mary (Mother to every one) was Peggy Birchall's sister. My grandparents also lived in Pocket Nook Street when they first came to St Helens, before moving to a council house in Wood Street (no 61). I have strong memories of Charley Creevey's paper shop and made many a puchase of blackjacks etc. at a farthing each ! Even though my mum and dad moved away from the area in 1961 (to a council flat in Parr) my first job on leaving school at 15 was as a carton stitcher at Fosters Glass. (Later a sorter). I am trying to make contact with anyone who new my family at that time well enough to have heard stories of where abouts in Ireland the Devines originated.
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